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Are you ready????

I have been working hard the past few weeks on a BIG secret!  My business is having a little makeover, I’m so excited!  My goal has been my birthday (July 7th) to have it all ready.  I think it will be mostly ready by then, so I’ll post it anyway (on the 7th).  Does anyone want to volunteer to do some pre-proofing for me?  You know, check for spelling or grammar errors or offer suggestions?  What is it you want to see when you go to a photographers website?  What questions do you want answered before speaking to the photographer?

Here are the quick details:

  • New Logo
  • New Colors
  • New blogsite

Not sure what a blogsite is?  I will no longer have a website and a blog, but a merging of the two.  More of a suped-up blog in a website format.  My logo is being designed by a friend and she may be out of town until the 7th, but I made a little one up for the time being…the colors…SO excited about the colors–they are more “me” than what I’ve got now.

Let me know if you want to help!  Leave a comment with your email.  I’m hoping to be able to merge this blog for back entries, but trying to figure that one out.

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  1. 1

    I'd love to help out if you need it! Let me know. I'm excited for the big reveal. And to hear what you think of a blog site… I'm liking the idea but haven't had the courage to make the leap. :P

  2. 2

    can't wait to see it!

  3. 3
    Amberlynn says:

    Does a blogsite appear on google reader? I can't wait to see the big reveal too! I'm sure it will look BEAUTIFUL!!!

  4. 4

    I am working on a blogsite as well sick of having a website that I can't blog on and having no blog for photography!

  5. 5
    Kristen Duke Photography says:

    Yes, I think it does appear on google reader. But I don't actually use g. reader. See if this blog works: (and let me know)

  6. 6
    Oscarson Photography says:

    Oo~o, how exciting! I can't wait to see it!!

  7. 7
    brookie says:

    I follow your blog. I adore your pictures and I can't wait to see the new design.

  8. 8

    Found your work a few months ago, I purchased a "big" camera about the same time, a love your tips, and hope this will help me be brave, I LOVE taking photos, and appreciate all the "helps" that you include, I am excited to come along on this next leg of your journey! thanks for the invite!!!

  9. 9
    Margaret says:

    I am happy to help in any way that I can. I love your work. I wish you lived in Vegas so you could take our pictures!