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Circus Lunch Box Jokes


I’ve been sharing free printable lunch box jokes for a few years now, including all the major holidays, and other fun themes. Today, I’ve got a set of Circus Lunch Box Jokes that are sure to… Continue Reading

Teeth Sensitivity


Do you have a Sprouts Farmers Market store near you?  We have one near my son’s high school, and I like to run in when I take him or pick him up. It’s got my… Continue Reading

Building Self Esteem in Girls


I’ve got two girls, aged 11 and 7. One is an official tween, the other thinks she is and might as well be.  It’s been my parenting life mission to continually build a healthy dose of confidence… Continue Reading

Ghostly Levitating Photos


I’m all about creating memories with my kids, and I also ‘puffy heart’ love holidays. So I thought it’d be fun to share a photo tip for Halloween, by taking Ghostly Levitating Photos. I originally shared this… Continue Reading

Family Room Decor


Hey friends! I spruced up my family room with a new little table, and I wanted to share the finished look!  I partnered with At Home, purchasing items for a high end look at a low… Continue Reading

21 Delightful Cranberry Recipes for the Holiday Season

21 delightful cranberry recipes for the holiday season. Cranberries are perfect for your Thanksgiving and Christmas meals!

I just discovered a few years ago how much I LOVE cranberries. The only thing I knew about them growing up was that they were the mushy stuff in the can that you literally dump… Continue Reading

Inside my Purse


When I’m at the grocery store, I have to remind myself not to stare at other’s carts to see what they are purchasing. I’m so curious…what products am I missing out on? In a similar… Continue Reading

Macaroni and Cheese Birthday Cake


My son’s birthday was today, and we celebrated him with a gathering of friends. I wanted to do something FUN for a themed birthday cake, but wanted it to be “grown up” because, he’s 14! I… Continue Reading

Quick trip to Salt Lake City


My friends! Thanks for hanging in there while I’ve been working on the launch of my photography course. I have not forgotten all the things I want to share here, just had to force myself… Continue Reading

Memorize a Word a Week in October


Continuing with our series to memorize a word a week, I’ve got the October set! The colors are fit perfectly for fall, too.  If you’ve missed the other sets, find them here. Download this set… Continue Reading

7 Tricks for Natural Smiles when Taking Pictures of your Kids


Friends! I’m so stinkin’ excited to announce my very first FREE LIVE WEBINAR!!!  It’s the introduction to all that I’ve been working on over the months with my brand new photography course. So you MUST… Continue Reading

17 Apple Recipes for Dinner

17 Apple Recipes for a perfect Fall inspired dinner!

‘Tis the season for apples….apples of every kind. For snacking and baking and simply enjoying. How about apples for dinner? Oh yes, that’s what I said. I eat an apple a day when I first… Continue Reading

Summer Lovin Treats


Summer is starting to come to a close for some of you, but here in Texas, we’ve still got some time. It’s 100 degree’s out still, with some mighty fine humidity. We’re still hanging out… Continue Reading

Chewy Date Energy Protein Bites

Medjool Date Protein Bites, great boost of energy after a workout, or to snack during the day

I love the little bursts of delicious I get from protein bites, and I’m excited to share a version of a recipe recently introduced me to. A great healthy snack for after workouts, or just for… Continue Reading

15 Savory Dinner Recipes with Bacon

15 Savory dinner recipes with bacon that will bring the family around the dinner table!

Raise your virtual hand if you have a bacon obsession like I do!!!!  I like it all alone, but it adds amazing flavor to meals, so I’m sharing 15 Savory Dinner Recipes with Bacon. You’ll even… Continue Reading