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Apples for my Teacher Print and Coloring Page

Apple Teacher gift idea print and coloring page

School began for my kids yesterday, and we attached this “Apples for my Teacher” Print to a little post-it gift shaped like an apple. I offered my girls the option to color the picture or… Continue Reading

We all scream for Lunch Box Jokes!

Print free lunch box jokes for kids

I’ve been sharing kids lunch box jokes for nearly 5 years now, and I’m not stopping anytime soon! I’ve got at least a set a month coming out, I’ve got to keep ’em coming for… Continue Reading

School Bus Cake with Teen Party Games

apple shaped cake balls with school bus cake

We had a back to school party last weekend filled with some great teen party games, and I had the cutest school bus cake made for the event. I’m slightly obsessed with theme cakes (themed… Continue Reading

When you’ve been Disappointed by Friends

painted wall mural in new orleans

In a relationship, how is one to know when they should “keep trying” or walk away? I’m not talking about a marriage, though similar discussion points could certainly apply, but those optional relationships in our… Continue Reading

15 Delicious Breakfast Muffins for Back to School

15 delicious back to school breakfast muffins. Make these muffins up ahead of time and have an easy breakfast for your kids before school.

Breakfast muffins are a great back to school, plan ahead, keep in the freezer, kind of meal to save your sanity during the morning rush. Last year, for the early morning Bible Study class that… Continue Reading

Celebrating 70 Years of Marriage

70 year marriage photo shoot

Today, my sweet grandparents celebrate 70 YEARS of marriage. Seventy years! Not just the marriage part, but the longevity is pretty spectacular. I wanted to conduct a little interview with them to share their wisdom.… Continue Reading

Parenting Discussion: How do you Discipline and Follow Through

Parenting Discussion on Discipline

I think it benefits all to have a Parenting Discussion, this topic is all about How you Discipline and Follow Through. I was recently having a parenting discussion with my siblings at our family reunion, and… Continue Reading

Printable Kids Lunch Jokes and Brain Teasers

Lunch Jokes for Kids

I want my kids to be reminded that I love them while they are away at school, and stashing a lunch joke in their lunch is my favorite way to do so. This is just ONE… Continue Reading

Memorize a Word a Week in August

Memorize a word a week with your kids: Family Fun activity

It’s the 2nd day of August, and I’m here to share the Words of the Week for this month, yay! If you aren’t familiar with them, since the beginning of the year, I’ve shared 5 words each… Continue Reading

21 of the Best Laundry Room Hacks

21 of the best laundry room hacks. Creative ways to organize, save time and spruce up your laundry room. |

I’ve been working on my laundry room makeover for a loooong time, it just keeps dragging! I’ve decided I am going to post about it in August (hopefully early in the month) so I’m trying… Continue Reading

Back to School Dinner with Armor of God Lesson

you're so sharp

We had our Back to School dinner tonight, and I introduced the theme of putting on the Armor of God. If you saw my previous post, you saw the fabulous printables made for this event.… Continue Reading

Family Theme Song and Reunion T-Shirt Idea

family reunion tshirts ideas

Last week we met up with my family for a reunion in Missouri/Illinois, and since we’d be in a place with lots of people, we thought we make a matching T-shirt for all of us.… Continue Reading

Dandelion Inspirational Print and Coloring Page

Dandelion free inspirational print

I’m back from my vacationing, and trying to get back into “posting” mode! I’ve got lots of fun things to share, and this fantastic Dandelion Inspirational Print and Coloring Page was created by my designer a… Continue Reading

Back to School Photo Booth Printables


I know some of you out there have already sent your kids back to school, but it’s still over 2 weeks away for me. I like to do a little photo shoot with the kids… Continue Reading

Summer Electronic Rule

How to monitor kids on electronic devices in summer

Electronics rule our lives, don’t they? We love ’em and we love to hate ’em. They inform us, entertain us, aid in our business/school, yet we know that we need to step away from them… Continue Reading