Must have Lenses for Mom Photographers

Do you have an SLR camera, but haven’t figured out which lenses to use for different situations?  There are so many options, it can certainly be overwhelming, and they aren’t cheap.  For the next week,… Continue Reading

Renting Snow Shoes in Taos

Renting snow shoes in Taos was high on my list for a family adventure on our snow trip. Not only for gorgeous scenery and great exercise, but something FUN and different to do with the… Continue Reading

Snowmobiles at Taos Ski Resort

Driving in Snowmobiles at Taos Ski Resort through the snow capped mountains was not only breathtakingly gorgeous, but so much fun!  Our family took a road trip to New Mexico over the Christmas holiday, and… Continue Reading

Taos New Mexico Skiing

If you’re looking for a great low key family friendly resort, check out Taos New Mexico Skiing, because we had a great time there! Last week, I shared about our trip to Tao with my… Continue Reading

21 Breakfast Recipes with Oats

If you are looking for some oats recipes, you’ve come to the right place! Below, I’ve gathered 21 Breakfast Recipes with Oats, and they all look super scrumptious!  I’ve been conflicted about oats for a long… Continue Reading

Taos Ski Valley Lodging

Over the winter break, our family traveled to Taos, New Mexico to play in the snow! I’ll admit, it wasn’t the first place that came to mind for me, but my kids really wanted to… Continue Reading

2016 Travels

2016 was an interesting year for me, in that I traveled somewhere EACH MONTH. Now, for someone who prides myself in being obsessed with my family and content to chill at home, that’s quite a… Continue Reading

Lifestyle Envy

I stumbled across an article a few days ago that really got me thinking about what I put out with my blogging. It was a thought provoking article relating a mans addiction to unrealistic expectations… Continue Reading

My (quick) weight loss story

Losing weight after 4 children was trickier than I thought. I got discouraged easily, and I couldn’t handle the emotional turmoil, so I wanted a quicker fix to jump start my weight loss. It’s extreme,… Continue Reading

15 Healthy and delicious Breakfast Recipes

It’s funny how cliche it is to “reset” in January.Here, I’ve gathered 15 Healthy and delicious Breakfast Recipes to help you jumpstart your day and add variety! Personally, it’s not necessarily because it’s goal time… Continue Reading

Setting Goals for a New Year

Hello 2017, Happy New Year my friends!!! I always love a clean slate, and I actually have some resolutions I wanted to share with you how I am Setting Goals for a New Year. Sometimes… Continue Reading

Goals to Improve myself Free Printable

When I make resolutions for the year, it’s hard for me to focus on just one thing. I’ve seen people come up with “one little word” but I don’t know how to think that way.… Continue Reading

How to Start a Website {for your Business or Blog}

Lately, I’ve been sharing a bunch of posts on How to Start a Photography Business.  Today, I’m sharing how to start a Website or blog for your business. I’ve been meaning to share this tutorial for… Continue Reading

Time to get Organized

The mayhem of the Christmas season is over, and now I’m trying to cleanse my house from the clutter! I tried really hard to keep track of all of my receipts, because I knew I’d… Continue Reading

New Year New You

Can you believe it’s already almost 2017? Where did 2016 go? As you look back on 2016, were you able to accomplish some of your New Year’s Resolutions? Do you even remember what they were?… Continue Reading