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Capture the Joy in front of the lens #6

This is a spot where you can share the images when  you came out from behind the camera, to get in images with your loved  ones. My weekly challenge to my friends. Are you getting in at least one picture with your children each week?

Here are two of my youngest and I. I probably have the most with her because we are  home all day together.  These are at a park on two different days.  The first laying in the grass in bluebonnets (taken with my out stretched arm), the second enjoying a swing (taken by a friend):

Share your images here until Thursday evening:

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  1. this is an awesome idea, I am always behind the lens, I really do need in more photos, this is such a challenge for me, the control freak that I am handing over my camera to someone else…lol.. but I must I need to do ..thank you for the post