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Capture the Joy in front of the lens final and some fun things

The cute blog, Life & Baby, is having a “Kristen Duke” week, and featuring something different of mine all week this week!  I have no idea what they’ll share, so I’ll be tuning in each day to see, myself, so check it out!

It’s a holiday week–show how you celebrate together! This link will be up through Thursday evening, so share some 4th pics.

Link up!  Please share a link in your post to this series as well. This is the last week that I’ll host the link party, then I’m tweaking the format a bit instead of a linky party.  Keep taking pictures with your loved ones, and link up below if you did!

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  1. GretchenP says:

    thanks for the inspiration Kristin! 🙂 ‘mom in the shot’ has become so much more fun with my iphone! 🙂