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Capture the Joy in front of the lens~Get together #3

I am loving seeing all of the fun pictures that have been shared! I did start thinking that with summer coming up, and being on vacation, that I might not be able to feature each Saturday…SO I may or may not. This summer, I’m planning to devote a certain amount of time each day to this bloggy journal, but if a post isn’t cranked out each day, then so be it. AND while I am galavanting around the globe, I don’t want to stop the fun to rush to put a post together.  I’m thinking I may do this link up just once a month…thoughts?  Here are a few from the past week:

This is real life, I tell ya.  Left getting my hair brushed from my daughter…on the right…well….desperate times call for desperate measures…

Link up what you did!

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  1. Everyone needs a carefree summer, so I think you should only blog when you feel like it and not feel pressured to post everyday.

  2. oh please please please keep this one weekly – I’ve just gotten into the habit of getting a weekend pic with a kid or two and I want you to help me keep it up for the rest of this year 🙂 LOL

  3. Jessima says:

    I’d like to play along too, but my blog is private. Any way around this?

  4. I don’t post because I’m the worlds worst blogger… and have technical difficulties getting pics where I want them, but I really appreciate the reminder to do this. These are the kind of shots I will treasure. 🙂 But, that said, enjoy your summer stress free!!!