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Family Petite Portrait Sessions

I have had 6 petite sessions in the past week–5 in Utah and one right here in Texas. I wanted to make sure that they get their sneak peek before too long, so I’ve lumped 5 of them all together here with 2 sample images each (the 6th group has to wait a bit). Petite sessions are generally about posed shots, and I try to include a few candids, as well. I had so much fun with each group, mostly new friends, and one family that I’ve known for a long time–since the Delaware days (patriotic baby fam). Enjoy a little photo viewing!utah photography utah portraits family photography kids photography family photography family portraits fam pictures family pics family pictures sisters

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  1. Shay Ch says:

    Love the petit sessions. I am an amateur at photography but I love to take pictures of my kids being active, ie soccer, basketball, or just jumping. Can you please tell me what setting you used in the picture where the dad is catching his child? How did you get it not to blur? Did you use a tripod or free-hand?


  2. I’ve really missed seeing your photos Kristen (on a regular basis) I love these so much and shows just how amazing your gift is. As ever your keep inspiring me. Thank you x
    Rebecca Northcott recently posted..Sunshine time with the Balla FamilyMy Profile

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Oh Rebecca, you are so sweet! Sometimes I just don’t share them because I wonder if anyone wants to see them! Glad to hear you do;)

  3. Glad to see these. My favourite posts of yours are your photography ones – keep them coming!