Pictures of a ballet dancer in her tutu
A most delicious side salad or dessert
Boston Cream Cake by This decadent cake is assembled in under 10 minutes
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Capture the Joy 3


Were you in pictures with your loved ones this week? Hashtag #capturethejoy on Instagram or Twitter, and your images will show up in the stream below (you can even go back and hashtag afteter you’ve taken them). I was a travelin’ fool, and was in a handful of pictures, see if you can spy my images below or on IG with the hashtag. I also play along with #ispyrefashion when I wore a scarf or… Continue Reading

Capture the Joy 2


It’s Saturday! Get in pictures with your loved ones and hashtag on Instagram or Twitter #capturethejoy and you’ll show up in the thumbnails below! Spread the word!!

Capture the Joy~ReVamped


If you’ve been following my blog for a little while, you might remember last May, I introduced “Capture the Joy” in front of the lens to encourage moms to get out from behind the camera and in pictures with their kids. Well, the idea was a big link up party and it sorta fizzled.  Then I wanted to crawl in a little corner and forget I ever tried to do it because I think just… Continue Reading

Capture the Joy in front of the lens final and some fun things

capture rest

The cute blog, Life & Baby, is having a “Kristen Duke” week, and featuring something different of mine all week this week!  I have no idea what they’ll share, so I’ll be tuning in each day to see, myself, so check it out! It’s a holiday week–show how you celebrate together! This link will be up through Thursday evening, so share some 4th pics. Link up!  Please share a link in your post to this… Continue Reading

Capture the Joy in front of the lens #7


Join my weekly challenge to be in more pictures with your children and loved ones. Link up and share your favorite images with your kids:

Capture the Joy in front of the lens #6

capture the joy swing

This is a spot where you can share the images when  you came out from behind the camera, to get in images with your loved  ones. My weekly challenge to my friends. Are you getting in at least one picture with your children each week? Here are two of my youngest and I. I probably have the most with her because we are  home all day together.  These are at a park on two different… Continue Reading

Capture the Joy in front of the lens #5

pictures with my kids -capture the joy in front of the lens

Share pictures of getting out from behind the camera today!  In case you missed our rockstar party last week, here is one of my daughter and I “rockin” out. Well, maybe I was rockin in this pic, and she is feeling shy with her friends all watching.  She came out of her shell, though. Here is a phone pic of my oldest son and I playing air hockey.  We played a mean few games, and I… Continue Reading

Capture the Joy in front of the lens #4

capture the joy

If you are new and don’t know about “capture the joy” you can look at the camera link on the left sidebar. It’s about getting in more pictures.  You can also use the hashtag #capturethejoy on instagram or twitter to share from your phone.  I could have been better at being in pictures this last week…here are a few I found on my phone: On Memorial Day, we discovered a new natural springs in austin,… Continue Reading

Capture the Joy in front of the lens~Get together #3

capture the joy

I am loving seeing all of the fun pictures that have been shared! I did start thinking that with summer coming up, and being on vacation, that I might not be able to feature each Saturday…SO I may or may not. This summer, I’m planning to devote a certain amount of time each day to this bloggy journal, but if a post isn’t cranked out each day, then so be it. AND while I am… Continue Reading

Capture the Joy Favorites

Thanks again to those of you that linked up and shared their moments in front of the lens last week. I hope you are enjoying the bonding and creative process that can come from getting in pictures with your family. I’ve got a little something up my sleeve for a share, hoping I’ll get to it by Monday. Here are a few of my favorites: This is a fun merging of images that Raising Memories… Continue Reading

Capture the Joy in front of the Lens #2


Last week, I was walking my kids to school and my sweet neighbor Marissa was in the hallway (waiting for me to go on our walk) and captured this moment with her phone: It was so thoughtful of her, and just seeing this image brings a tear to my eye at a moment captured that I couldn’t very easily re-create. I’ve got 3 kids in elementary school, and when I part with the boys, I… Continue Reading

Capture the Joy~ A few of my Favorites from the get together


It was so fun to visit the sites that linked up to my first Capture the Joy in front of the lens series.  Being that it was Mother’s Day weekend, I read a lot of hearfelt posts, and super sweet pictures of momma’s with their kids. I’m so happy to see that they recognize the importance of being in pictures with their kids, so I’m sharing a few of my favorites with you to make… Continue Reading

Capture the Joy…in front of the Lens~Get Together #1


I decided to start this link get together the day after Mother’s Day, hoping that if any day the mother’s would get in pictures with their children, it was this weekend! This project is about getting out from behind the camera and getting in some pictures with your family. This is not just for the mothers of young children, but for grandmothers, or those that are not mothers. It’s just a weekly reminder to be… Continue Reading

Capture the Joy, in front of the lens


Take pictures this weekend, come back and share them on Monday;)

Capture the Joy…in front of the lens~weekly get together


I’ve always been quite passionate about women getting out from behind the camera and getting in pictures more with their families. We are the ones who tend to take all of the pictures, and are often too critical of ourselves to want to be in them. Well I’m here to say that you will regret that someday, and am going to help you make some changes. {Taken in California last summer by my friend Shari}  {taken… Continue Reading