Pictures of a ballet dancer in her tutu
Easy dessert, similar to a dump cake
A most delicious side salad or dessert
Boston Cream Cake by This decadent cake is assembled in under 10 minutes

Christmas Holiday Fashion: Red Lipstick and Ankle Boots

Christmas Holiday Fashion

I am a big believer in wearing red and green to Christmas gatherings. It’s just against my own personal moral code  not to. I’ve thrown in black, gold, or silver with just a touch of red or green sometimes, but you will never see me wear teal, orange, pink, or even turquoise to a Christmas event–even though I love those colors. I am LOVING the trend of hot pink and turquoise at Christmas, I even… Continue Reading

Embracing NEON~What I Wore

Embracing neon fashion

For those new to my site, every once in a while, I like to share my outfits, as I like to look at the pleated poppy’s site on Wednesdays to see what outfits others are sharing. I’m trying to “shop by closet” more and I get ideas there!  To see my past fashion posts, head here. A few months ago I was not a fan of the NEON trend. I told myself I wasn’t going… Continue Reading

What I Wore in the Cold Snow

yellow coat

This is the day AFTER I did my hair. I haven’t actually DONE my hair in months…this consists of a blow dry (20-25 min.) then a flat iron curl to all of it (20-25 min). I actually did my hair for Better Blogging Google Hangout for the millions handful of bloggers watching online. I like my hair when it’s done like this…I should do it more often…oh yeah, it takes an hour, maybe not. I… Continue Reading

Style Files~What I Wore

fashion style

If you are new around here, sometimes on Wednesdays, I share what I wore in an attempt to challenge myself to get dressed and seek inspiration from others sharing…. I saw these striped leggings at H&M (that JUST opened in Austin–yay!) recently and had to get them. I mulled over what to wear them with, and when I asked a teen girl what she’d wear them with, she said “sweater shirt.” I have one of… Continue Reading

What I Wore Wednesday~A peek into my closet

What I Wore Wednesday

I’ve heard from so many of you that you love this What I wear Wednesday feature, so I’m bringing it back…every once in a while. Sometimes, I get the hankerin’ to coordinate with my girls when we go to church…you know…as if we are going to do a little photo shoot or something;) It’s always on my mind…I found my leopard print heels at Ross a while back, and wasn’t sure I could pull them… Continue Reading

Handmade dresses for my girls

girls dresses

I love handmade clothing. Mostly because it is unique and no one else around will have it.  When my sister in law (husbands brother’s wife) offered to make something for my girls, I told her I had a stash of fabric that I had planned to do something with, that she could use.  I then searched all over online to find some cute ideas, and told her what I wanted. I photographed her family last summer,… Continue Reading

What I Wore Wednesday


I have a million pictures to share from my trip, but I haven’t even sat down to edit them, so for today I’ll post my WIWW outfits from the week before my trip. Cream lace shirt, shoes, necklace: Forever 21, skirt: J Crew outlet, earrings: Charming Charlies shirt: JCrew outlet, Skirt: no clue, but I wear it all the time in the summer! Shoes: Payless this season, dress:  so old but love it, headband: kids… Continue Reading

What to wear in Summer Family Portraits

what to wear_V2Issue5_2011

This is just to give you an idea of what to think about when deciding on clothing for family portraits in the summertime.  Bright and coloful.  Coordinating, but not matchy-matchy.  I am loving the short sleeved cropped cardigans from Old Navy in a variety of colors!  Do you see how one floral/patterned outfit is selected and all of the other colors pull from that?  Think of a color scheme you like and then find pieces… Continue Reading

What I Wore Wednesday


Not a whole lot to show for this  past week.  I traveled and if you really want to see what I wore, scroll back a few posts.  I’m sure I will be wearing them again, too.  I’ve got just 2 outfits to show this week for the viewing audience.  I am feeling slightly sheepish posting my WIWW ensembles after finding out today that 2 cute girls that I consider fashionistas admitted to being my blog stalkers.  I… Continue Reading

What I wore Wednesday


It’s baaack!  I am not commited to doing this every week, but I do enjoy joining in every once in a while. I take the sporadic pic of my outfit, so here is a sampling of the past few weeks for me. I wore this the day before my big race. I thought I’d be slightly fancy preceding my major sweat. I got the belt at J.Crew outlet and have had major mental plans to… Continue Reading

What I Wore Wednesday


I skipped last week. I’m not committed to doing this every week, but its fun to hear feedback on an off the blog, and I know I love to see what others are wearing!  In an effort to “keep it real” I will post this first outfit.  I truly wore this all day this day, but I didn’t go out of my home (except to walk my kids to school and they are used to… Continue Reading

What I Wore Wednesday


It’s still Wednesday…I am joining in on the Pleated Poppy’s What I wore Wednesday and posting a few of the ensembles I wore in the past week.  I am short on time, so this will be low on detail.  Thanks for all the kind words on the birth images below!!! Below: purple cardigan Old Navy, Teal shirt and belt, Papaya Outlet.  It was chilly in the morning and off and on I kept taking my… Continue Reading

What I wore Wednesday


It seems this was the week of the dress.  Some spring break, some recovering from spring break.  I seem to wear a casual dress or skirt when I am worn out.  To me, it is ease and comfort.  So much more so than a pair of jeans.  Jeans are effort for me, a dress is effortless.  I would probably wear a dress or skirt every single day if I didn’t hear this all the time, “wow,… Continue Reading

My personal style~Self Expression


I interrupt my photo purging for something a little different… I wanted to share with you a bit about my form of self expression through my personal clothing style.  First, let me say that I feel slightly vulnerable posting this, but I’ve convinced myself that it’s ok to put myself out there.  I want my blog to be more than just the pictures I take, but about me and my life adventures and thoughts. Plus, I… Continue Reading

What to wear to your Portrait Session

I love what this photographer has done in suggesting what to wear. CHECK IT OUT!!!