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Easter Family Picture
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Easter Bunny Chocolate Cakes

Easter Bunny Chocolate Cakes

Spring is in the air and what’s more springy than sweet bunnies?I’ve got these cute little Easter Bunny Chocolate mini Cakes to share with you today, and my friends with their bunny ideas, too! Get your PIN fingers ready and check out these 10 bunny themed projects, then read on for the full tutorial how to create your own Easter Bunny Chocolate Cakes.

“He Lives” Easter and Bunny Printables


Hi everyone! Kiki from Kiki and Company back to share a new printable with you this month. Easter is just around the corner and I have a few little spaces that needed some Easter love…do you? I am LOVING these little banners lately and thought it would be fun to do some Easter inspired ones: First we have the bunny.

Cooking with Kids

kids in the kitchen

If you are like me, you know it’s a great idea to include the kids when cooking in the kitchen, but sometimes it’s not as easy in practice. I love the dream-like visions in my head that we are all laughing and having fun, but sometimes it can be stressful! I’ve done it enough that I thought I’d offer up a few tips. World Market asked me to check out their Easter and Spring items,… Continue Reading

Polka Dot Easter Bunny Free Printable

easter bunny free printable at

I’m so stinkin’ excited to share this Polka Dot Easter Bunny Free Printable I created! Let me just say, I am not a great digital designer. I WANT to be, but when I need something cute digitally, I call a handful of talent to help me out. I set out determined to make a print, and happy with how it turned out! I was on Pinterest a few nights ago doing a search for an Easter printable

30 BRIGHT Easter Ideas

bright easter ideas

Spring is here! Easter is just around the corner, and those of you with crazy cold weather, it will warm up–sooner or later, right?  I’ve put a few of my favorite spring and easter posts over at the top of my sidebar, and pinning some fun stuff on my Easter Pinterest Board, but I’ve got something fun for you today, too! BRIGHT Easter Ideas! Besides my aversion to the color RED, I’v also had a… Continue Reading

Quick and Easy St. Patrick’s Day Silly Straws

DIY St. Patrick's Day Silly Straws | Teal & Lime for

Hi, Jackie here from Teal & Lime.  I am dropping in today with a little St. Patrick’s Day cheer for the lunch box! When I was growing up I always wanted to have the perfect thing to wear on holidays and special occasions. You know, pink or red to wear on Valentine’s. And, especially, a green shirt to wear on St Patrick’s Day. Because, I am proudly 3/4 Irish…I have the freckles and a red-haired… Continue Reading

St. Patricks Day Lucky Art Print


I’ve asked a handful of creative friends to share some holiday posts with you all each month, here today is Kiki. She made the Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful print for me last year for my Girls Fancy Room. Hi everyone, I am so happy to be here to share some fun prints with you this year here at Kristen’s blog. My name is Kiki and I blog at Kiki and Company where I… Continue Reading

Rainbows and Clovers~St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

rainbows and clovers st. patricks day ideas

In my evaluation at the beginning of the year, I realized I don’t have as much holiday content on my site. I LOVE decorating and baking for holidays, I just don’t always come up with original ideas. Though I JUST shared some St. Patricks Day Lunch Jokes! So I thought I’d gather some ideas from around the web with what I’d like to do for my family for St. Patricks Day with Rainbows and Clovers.… Continue Reading

St. Patricks Day Lunch Jokes

St. Patricks Day Lunch Jokes for Kids

When my kids lunch jokes (and now brain teasers) debuted 2 years ago, I never made St. Patricks Day Lunch Jokes, so I had to make sure to remedy that this year! For several years, St. Patty’s Day has fallen over my kids spring break, but this year they will be in school. Though they are home the week before, I will get them in their lunches the first week of March, and think I’ll stick… Continue Reading

33 Mardi Gras Ideas

33 Mardi Gras Ideas

I lived 10 years of my childhood in a New Orleans suburb, and every year, our family enjoyed the festivities that came along with Mardi Gras. {source}  I have fond memories as a child sitting on top of a homemade ladder box seat, waving my arms yelling, “Throw me something, Mister!” The people on the floated threw bead necklaces, small toys, doubloon coins, but I was always hoping for a LONG  bead or stuffed animal.  THOSE were the treasures… Continue Reading

Wooden Valentine’s Blocks


I’m happy to introduce my friend, blog assistance, and occasional contributor to you all! Jessica blogs at Mommy Envy, and she has been very helpful with some behind the scenes on my site the past 6 months and I’m VERY grateful!  She grew up in a small town near me in Texas, but now lives in Colorado! We’ve never actually met in real life, but I get to meet her at a conference in February,… Continue Reading

Heart Carved Tree Stump

heart carved tree stump

It’s the 10th of January and I am so excited to have our group of talented bloggers back for another blog hop! This month the theme is HEARTS and I just know you are going to love (no pun intended!) these projects that are sure to get your creativity flowing for Valentine’s Day… which is just around the corner! I’d love for you to pin our collage below, check out my Heart Carved Tree Stump… Continue Reading

Matching Christmas Jammies

Christmas Pajamas

Merry Christmas!!! I’m so grateful for the blessings of this year, and today to celebrate the birth of our Savior. I’m grateful for the blessing of His life and Atonement that was not only to cover my mistakes, but also to take away my sadness when I am low. I am so excited to share that I sewed for the first time some matching Christmas jammies for my entire family! Now don’t look to closely… Continue Reading

Halloween Bloody Brownies

Bloody Brownies for Halloween

It’s so fun to make Halloween treats for the kids, to get them all excited for the big day! Actually, it seems like a week of festivities with our church Fall Festival, the pre school library party, and then the 31st BIG DAY, I love that my kids get multiple chances to wear their costumes. Today I’m sharing a fun recipe for some Halloween Bloody Brownies. It’s really so simple, and just a fun way… Continue Reading

12 Fun Beach Ball Ideas

beach balls

Summer is in full swing, and what says summer more than flip flops and….BEACH BALLS! I love how colorful they are, and thought I’d share Fun Beach Ball themed ideas around the internet! Treats and crafts to brighten up any day at the beach, or at home wishing you were at the beach;) The above is a picture of my extended family (parents,my brothers, and their fame along with mine). I’ve had some great feedback… Continue Reading