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Taking pictures of two girls
Easter Family Picture

Cross Fit Workout checklist free printable

Workout Checklist

I’m very excited to share a Workout Checklist free printable along with some cross fit toning exercises to keep track or progress. It’s a goal of mine this year to tone up!  If you’ve been around a while, you know that I’m approaching my 2 year anniversary of my  weight loss. I’ve shared some updates on my progress along the way, and have had great support. For the first year, I was really good and… Continue Reading

Friday Freebie~Fall Foliage

Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke: Vermont in the Fall

I love the fall foliage. Who doesn’t? Sadly, in Texas, we don’t see much of it. I convinced my hubby he wanted to go to Vermont in October for our 10 year anniversary trip a few years ago, and I was in a photographers heaven. We drove from New Hampshire to Vermont through the Lake Winnipesaukee area, and onto the ocean shores of Maine in just 4 days. I’d definitely love to do that again. In the… Continue Reading

Animals at the Zoo~San Diego


  Favorite?  I love the zebra best.  

Are you a facebook fan???


I am starting what I shall heretofore call Friday Facebook Freebie.  All you gotta do is head on over to Kristen Duke Photography on facebook and become a fan (or is it like these days?).  Once you are a fan, you will be eligible to download the freebie, which will be mostly some landscape images, and maybe I’ll get crazy and share some digital quotes/scriptures I have made to sprinkle around my home. These images… Continue Reading

Landscape Images

ContactSheet-001 copy




I’ve turned into a bird watcher

Since we found eggs in a nest last week, we’ve been watching and waiting for the eggs to hatch.  We see mama bird sitting on them quite a lot.  Yesterday we had a family dinner picnic outside and my son said, “Look, the mama bird has a worm in her mouth.” To which I excitedly said, “the eggs must have hatched!” Mama left for a few minutes, so we investigated and sure enough…4 little baby… Continue Reading

Birds nest in our tree

My husband discovered this nest with beautiful eggs in our backyard. It was tough to get a good angle, so I just held out my camera and snapped a few til I got this shot. It is right next to our Master Bedroom window and the trampoline outside. The momma bird gets scared when we come out, and flee’s the scene. But she is pretty. We figured after looking online that she is a Northern… Continue Reading

Bluebonnets, Longhorns, and Quintuplets–what could be better?

Wow, what an uber crazy week I’ve had!  With 5 sessions in one week (my record), this full time mom-part time photographer has pulled way too many late nights.  Besides that, I am MOVING in two weeks (and supposed to be packing) AND painting a dresser and armoire in my once parked in garage AND posting on at the IDEA ROOM tomorrow and my baby turns ONE this weekend and I’ve been strategizing what fun cake… Continue Reading

Family in the Beautiful Texas Springtime and a WINNER! {Austin, TX Photographer}

Just LOVE this gorgeous sky and the colors of the flowers.  Though the family had to suffer a little looking into the sun, they didn’t complain:)  I met this family at church several years ago (was it 4?) but they moved to another town 2 years ago.  Facebook kept us in touch and she told me a few months ago that when the bluebonnets came out, she wanted to have family portraits taken.  We found… Continue Reading

Puerto Rico

I keep forgetting to post images from a trip I took to Puerto Rico a while back. I had family there and we went to visit. The pier above is printed as a 24×36 canvas in my home.  The city scene below is also a 24×36 print in my home. I love them. Contact me for landscape print or canvas pricing.  See other landscape images here.

Lovely leaves

Ms. W. was my sons kindergarten teacher last year. I was so excited to bring him along as my assistant, though he didn’t know we were photographing them. He was on the shy side, but was pretty excited to see her and her sons. This color was gorgeous, but I’ll post just one because mom said she loved black and white. Here is a little sampling for you. She was such a great teacher for… Continue Reading

My kinda heaven

1. I took a trip last weekend with my husband. It was a photographers dream. Especially the dream of a photographer who ADORES the splendor of fall, but living in a place that just doesn’t get as colorful. Color, color everywhere! Before we went, just thinking of it brought a little sting to my eyes–I was SO excited. The beauty did not disappoint. Thank you to my friends who have been anxiously refreshing my blog… Continue Reading


I went on a trip and have been swamped since I’ve been home. Here are a few fun shots I took while visiting my grandparents in Utah. Salt Lake City Temple. My grandpa grew these HUGE zucchini in his garden–impressive. Bridal Veil Falls near Provo–love it. So many fond memories from the college days at BYU. Scenic country My uncle (on the right in all 3) ropin’ Biggest pipe organ in the world? We went… Continue Reading

Texas Wildlife Ranch

We went here the other day and had lots of fun seeing the exotic animals. I love this shot of the pretty bird. I need to find out what its called.*Edited to add a few details about these animals. I found out this is a Crowned Crane. It is the National bird of Uganda. They have a beautifully unique dance that incorporates head bobbing, wing fluttering, leaps and bows. It is believed that they bring… Continue Reading