Easter Family Picture
Pictures of a ballet dancer in her tutu
Easy dessert, similar to a dump cake
A most delicious side salad or dessert

My extended family picture

family portrait

************If you are coming to vote for the best images of 2011, they are in the post below******************* Did you survive without a post from me yesterday?  Awww, I missed you, too.  January is supposed to be my month to be mellow and chill (not a popular picture month, even for lovely Texas weather) but it’s been crazy, too!  Plus, I have a few fun surprises up my sleeve for you friends in the next… Continue Reading

Brushy Creek Elementary Celebrates 30 years!


This is a bit bittersweet to me because this is the school my boys used to attend before we moved to our new home.  Just a 10 minute drive away, and we pass it on our way to church each week.  They are celebrating their 30th year, and I got hoisted up in a firetruck bucket, got to take my son, and snapped this fun picture: Cool, huh?  This is a rough version, I think… Continue Reading

Family Reunion

I did two family reunion groups in one day. One in Austin in the morning, and this family in the afternoon in San Antonio. My brother is in this group, it is his wife’s family. They were all in town over Thanksgiving from California, Utah, and Idaho. My little bro with his wife and my cute nephew. For now, their dog is their baby, but in a few short months, the dogs world is about… Continue Reading

12 kids (ages 8 and under) +10 adults

I just quickly went through and glanced through the Family Reunion Portraits I took this morning. In most cases with a group shot like this, there ends up being a few head swaps. Its up to the family on that one. This one has no swapping or “photoshopping” done. I was so happy that in this one shot (out of QUITE a few) nearly all of the kids were looking in my general direction and… Continue Reading

Ocean City California

My friend Jessica told me she wanted to find a photographer to take her family picture when she was on vacation. I told her I know photographers all over the country and would be happy to find a good one for her. When I realized that Ocean City was near San Diego and when we both realized we were going to be there at the same time, she got so excited at the idea of… Continue Reading

Happy 50th Anniversary Cheryl & Phillip

This group got together to celebrate 50 years of marriage for the couple below. One of their daughters found me online from her search in Florida. I was honored to have the opportunity to capture the joy in this family. Children, grandchildren, sisters, cousins…came from near and far. It has been rainy and cold all week, but fortunately the sun came out today and warmed up! It was a pleasure to be a part of… Continue Reading

Cousins come to town

8 little ones…this was tough. This is the best shot…they were all looking, yay! I’ve got lots of others: individuals, families, but here is a sneak peek of a few.