Baking brown butter treats at home
Taking pictures of two girls
Easter Family Picture
Pictures of a ballet dancer in her tutu

Inspirational Words


I’ve got an “on my mind Monday” post in the works, but it might not be til later Monday night. I’ve had this in the que to share, so thought I’d post it now. I mentioned in this post that I was excited to listen to the prophet and apostles speak this last weekend from our churches General Conference. I was indeed uplifted. As I listened, I typed out a few of my favorite quotes… Continue Reading

How to Plan for your First {Family} Cruise

How to plan for your first family cruise

Our family just got home from our first ever cruise! I thought that along side my sharing all sorts of fun pictures, I’d also show how to plan for your first {family} cruise, because I feel I went into it fairly blind. I put family in parenthesis because some of these tips are for first time cruisers alone without kids, and some tips are for families with kids.  I’ll also share a little printable packing… Continue Reading

Family Time

photo 112

I’ve really enjoyed sharing what’s on my Mind on Mondays (a.k.a. Kristen’s ramblings), and going to aim to keep that an ongoing tradition. I’ve got a group share going on tomorrow, so thought I’d post this Sunday night instead. It’s a chance for me to journal for myself, and for those of you out there to get to know me beyond the projects and recipes I share. I want everyone out there to know that… Continue Reading

My Love story~Chapter 21: Mixed Emotions

roommates and friends

{If you are new to my love story, start here. To remind yourself of the last chapter, click here.} As I flew across the world from Egypt to the United States at the end of my 7 week adventure, I felt a peace. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next in my life, and I was kind of excited about the clean slate ahead of me. As the airplane touched down on American… Continue Reading

A day at the Beach {Corpus Christi Texas}

family beach trip

I’m not really a big fan of the beach. It’s sandy, it’s salty, it’s sticky. I don’t like being sticky. Even as a young girl, I didn’t love going to the beach because I knew the entire drive home would be sticky. BUT, my California boy LOVES the beach…it is his Zen. He dreams of it, yea dreams of living on it someday…that is not my dream. Actually if I don’t get in the water,… Continue Reading

Colored Pencil Necklace Gift

Colored Pencil Necklace

My kids head back to school next week. As with most moms out there, I’ve got mixed emotions. This happens to me every year. I’m grateful for the opportunities to go into the world and learn and grow from others, but I’m sad to let them go. I love having them around.  Once we get into the groove of things, I’ll be much better. The week before school starts, our area has a fun tradition… Continue Reading

Mother and Daughter Outing: Hotel Sleepover with Friends

Mother daughter sleepover 2

I had a fun outing with my daughter last weekend, and I wanted to share about it, in case anyone out there might enjoy a similar experience. My 8 year old daughter and I met some friends for dinner and a hotel sleepover, it was so fun!  The collage below is a mini photo shoot with just me and my girl (taken by my friend Heather). We went with my friends  Heather and Tricia, whom I met several years… Continue Reading

Haven DIY Blog Conference


I’ve now been to 5 different blog conferences in the past year and a half (one of them twice), and though they’ve all been different in the classes offered, dynamics, and people, this is what I’ve found constant: the amazing-ness of chatting, sharing stories, talking “blog shop” with others in the exact same position you are. I’d experienced it before with photographers. I’d been to a few photography workshops over the years, and got the… Continue Reading

Blurred Lines

my kids

This past weekend I attended the Haven blog Conference for DIY home decor bloggers in Atlanta, Georgia. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’re probably thinking, “she went to ANOTHER blog conference?!? Why on earth?” Well,  yes, I’ve thought the same thing…and I’ll explain later why I went to another one. Two days before I left, I went to dinner with a few neighbor friends. When I said I was leaving town,… Continue Reading

5 Back to School Ideas

Back to School Ideas

August has arrived, and that pretty much means that summer is almost over. I took these fun pictures of my schoolgirl last year as her “Back to School” shots, and she had fun playing with the props with me. I’m working on something fun with Target that I’ll share soon enough, but I wanted to chat about my Back to School thoughts.   We do have 3 solid weeks left of summer, and we will play hard, but… Continue Reading

It’s my Birthday!


Today is my 35th birthday, I’m officially in my mid thirties. I’ve never concerned myself TOO much with the number, haven’t felt too much sadness about getting old—yet! I feel young, and that’s all that matters, right? I’ve always loved my birthday, it’s my one special day, and I like celebrating, and I think everyone should feel the same. I had a fun idea to do a giveaway for my birthday, so asked my good… Continue Reading

My Love Story~Chapter 16: Semester End


{If you have not read the previous chapters of my love story, start here} At the end of March 1999, It was just 30 days til I was to depart the U.S. soil and head on my world adventure to the Holy Land. Though I thought all along I wouldn’t actually go (I hoped Matthew would beg me to stay) it was looking more and more like a reality. It was a month filled with… Continue Reading

Invite a Family over for Dinner Challenge!


I felt so much love and support from my GLOW post last week, thank you!! I also had many people who commented/emailed saying they were going to invite a family over for dinner soon. I guess that post had multiple messages, but it made me so happy to hear this message came out of it, too!  I got a fun idea, and I thought I’d officially encourage everyone out there reading to do the same… Continue Reading

A Week of Embarrassing Stories


I’m not afraid to lay myself out there and tell some silly stories in order to get a good laugh and in the name of authenticity. I was recently filling out a little survey about myself and one of the questions was, to share an embarrassing story. I thought and thought, but ultimately, I was stumped. I’m sure there were some, but nothing came to mind. I thought, who better to ask than my family… Continue Reading

She waited for me


If you have been reading my blog for a while, you might remember that a year ago last February, I flew out of state to attend my grandmother’s 90th birthday celebration. It’s a BIG deal to turn 90, and though she tried to convince her family that she didn’t want the attention, she really enjoyed seeing people come out to show her how much she was loved (lots and lots of people came). I drove… Continue Reading