Pictures of a ballet dancer in her tutu
Easy dessert, similar to a dump cake
A most delicious side salad or dessert
Boston Cream Cake by This decadent cake is assembled in under 10 minutes
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Colored Pencil Necklace Gift

Colored Pencil Necklace

My kids head back to school next week. As with most moms out there, I’ve got mixed emotions. This happens to me every year. I’m grateful for the opportunities to go into the world and learn and grow from others, but I’m sad to let them go. I love having them around.  Once we get into the groove of things, I’ll be much better. The week before school starts, our area has a fun tradition… Continue Reading

BlogHer Food 2013 Blogging Conference

food blog conference

Last week I went to my 3rd blogging conference this year. Before you think it…it’s a little much, I agree! What on earth do I need to go to 3 blogging conferences in 6 months??? Well, they all came about in different ways, and I went for different reasons (2 because they were practically free). This one I went to because it was RIGHT HERE in my hometown of A-Tex. I signed up nearly 9… Continue Reading

Happy New Year!!!~A few of my goals


I am excited for a fresh clean slate going into this year. Though nothing really changes (except our insurance deductables) it is a time of reflection and making changes.  Everyone is making new goals and big plans. I have a few personal as well as business goals I plan to accomplish.  First, I have a goal to run a half marathon in April.  I’ve already started training, excited to challenge myself!  Second, I plan to take a trip… Continue Reading

Are you ready????

I have been working hard the past few weeks on a BIG secret!  My business is having a little makeover, I’m so excited!  My goal has been my birthday (July 7th) to have it all ready.  I think it will be mostly ready by then, so I’ll post it anyway (on the 7th).  Does anyone want to volunteer to do some pre-proofing for me?  You know, check for spelling or grammar errors or offer suggestions? … Continue Reading


I am so excited about my new blogsite!  I’ve been planning on making the jump for over a year and finally bit the bullet and did something about it.   I designed my website about 5 years ago, and last updated it 2 years ago.  So I’d sorta cringe when I heard people mention my website because of that little fact.  I LOVE blogging and like to keep up to date with my recent work, and… Continue Reading

I shouldn’t be that hard to please….

Ok, I’ve been planning for a year to give my business a facelift.  When I had someone create my logo 5 years or so ago, I told them exactly what I wanted. I got it, but I’ve never LOVED it.  I like it pretty well, but at the time, I just stuck with it.  And the yellow and brown?  They are nice together, but I don’t feel like they are “me” or my personality.  It seems… Continue Reading

A 12 minute drive away…

Last weekend our family moved to a new home just 12 minutes door to door from our old home.  Still the same zip code, but my kids will be at a new school, and our church congregation will be different, too.  Actually, as the crow flies, it may only be a 5 minute drive, but we have to go through neighborhoods on twists and turns.    I’ve wanted to change some things about my business,… Continue Reading

The Yogurt Experience

I have had a fun time working on this project, as it is something different for me. The Yogurt Experience is a fun little shop where you get to put the toppings on yourself. They weigh your cup and you pay by the ounces. My kids have loved piling lots of gummy bears and sprinklers, and I love that I can just get a cup full of fruit if I want! I’m weird in that… Continue Reading

More of my family get together

My parents–where it all began. I love their smiles here. So happy to have us all together. I love how my baby is reaching for me here…I had just jumped into the shot after setting the timer. My siblings keep asking me if I’ve got anything more to show them of our family photo shoot. I do, just hadn’t gotten around to working on them yet. So here are a few, and I will hopefully… Continue Reading