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Taking pictures of two girls
Easter Family Picture
Pictures of a ballet dancer in her tutu

Wooden Valentine’s Blocks


I’m happy to introduce my friend, blog assistance, and occasional contributor to you all! Jessica blogs at Mommy Envy, and she has been very helpful with some behind the scenes on my site the past 6 months and I’m VERY grateful!  She grew up in a small town near me in Texas, but now lives in Colorado! We’ve never actually met in real life, but I get to meet her at a conference in February,… Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day Printable Pack

Valentine's Day

Fun Valentine’s Day Printable Pack here for you today, with a collaboration with a bunch of other talented friends! Check it out!   22 bloggers & designers created 22 of the most DARLING printable packs to make this a memorable Valentine’s Day. Pretty much EVERYTHING you might need to pull off a fabulous V-Day!

Valentine’s Pillow Covers

Valentine's Pillow Covers

In the past few years, I have found a never-before-surfaced love for decorative pillows. Not only that, but pillow covers that are easily switched out according to holidays and mood. I found the cutest Valentine’s Pillow Covers that I wanted to share, they are loving their new home on my couch! I found these from two different shops. The glittery red “14″ is from Purdue Avenue. So many cute items in their shop! The chevron/heart… Continue Reading

WIN the ULTIMATE “Valentine’s Day Basket” + Blog Hop

Kristen Duke Sports Date Giveaway

Love is in the air, friends! We are celebrating Valentine’s Day a tad early with a fun giveaway and ideas for an evening out with your love. TWENTY-EIGHT fabulous bloggers have put together amazing Valentine’s Day baskets filled with everything you will need for fun, romantic night! No more scrambling for ideas. Valentine’s Day is planned for the lucky recipients of these twenty-eight fun filled baskets. Each of our blogging friends is giving away a unique themed… Continue Reading

Heart Carved Tree Stump

heart carved tree stump

It’s the 10th of January and I am so excited to have our group of talented bloggers back for another blog hop! This month the theme is HEARTS and I just know you are going to love (no pun intended!) these projects that are sure to get your creativity flowing for Valentine’s Day… which is just around the corner! I’d love for you to pin our collage below, check out my Heart Carved Tree Stump… Continue Reading

Share the Love

share the love

I wanted to share that I am sharing a guest post on two different blogs, one today and one next week. Both are a part of a series ironically with the same name! First, on C.R.A.F.T., I shared a Valentine’s printable bag topper. click here to head to her Share the Love series Next, I’m guesting at It’s Always Autumn’s Projects that bring people together, also called Share the LOVE!  My post is live on… Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day Lunch Jokes


Hooray for Valentine’s Day!  I’ve got some Valentine’s Day Lunch Jokes that your kids are sure to enjoy in the two weeks leading up to the holiday of LOVE!  If you start on Feb. 1st  and exclude the weekend, the last one will be given on Valentine’s day!  So print these out and get them ready.  This is a 3 page PDF document, but when you print, just print the first page first, then flip your… Continue Reading

Fudge Lover’s Strawberry Truffle Cake~The perfect Valentine’s Treat!


*This is a re-post from last year, but I wanted to share a yummy Valentine’s treat in case you missed it!* Most of this is “on hand” ingredients. Devils food cake mix and 2 bags of semi sweet chips/baking chocolate are the only items you may not have. I have made this every year for Valentine’s Day for the past 5 years or so. Just YUM! I noticed it at the check out stand in… Continue Reading

Happy Valentine’s Day!

kids valentine's ideas

I LOVE holidays!  I love making the most of them through fun food, colorful decorations, and bringing a smile to my kids’ faces in any way I can. Mission accomplished this morning with balloons, heart pancakes, and a trail of chocolates leading my kids to a festive table.  I am a big believer that having traditions with our family gives children a sense of stability and security that will benefit them in life and bond our family with… Continue Reading

Fudge Lover’s Strawberry Truffle Cake~The perfect Valentine’s Treat!

Fudge Lovers Cake

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I wanted to share the most delicious recipe I got years ago from a friend. The Fudge Lover’s Strawberry Truffle Cake! Most of this is “on hand” ingredients such as Devils food cake mix and 2 bags of semi sweet chips/baking chocolate are the only items you may not have. I have made this every year for Valentine’s Day for the past 5 years or so. Just YUM! It’s… Continue Reading

My 4 kiddos

5 copy

We did a very mini Valentines shoot the other day for my post on The Idea Room.  My oldest daughter is always a very willing participant (LOVE her dance moves) but my boys are another story.  They are over all my tricks to get them to smile…I have to be more creative.  My baby was stuck on a stool in the kitchen, love her smile here.  I love them and I love to capture them… Continue Reading

Button Heart Valentine Craft

button heart art

Yesterday, I had the decision to either a) clean my messy kitchen or b) make this cute Valentine’s craft that I saw here.  I chose B!  I used the red frame I spray painted from my Christmas art and already had the buttons and canvas in my crafty stash from something I was going to make a year ago but never did.  Nice!  I like adding a little purple into the heart theme. I made the pink… Continue Reading

Happy Valentines Day

I meant to post this image to the I heart faces contest as their theme this week was “kiss.” But I forgot, so here it is…..I love this kissing shot:) This engagement shoot was taken last summer and I loved so many images from it. To see more click here and here. I photographed this couple in two parts, evening and early morning.

Gettin’ Crafty


I must first preface this with the fact that I DO NOT consider myself uber crafty. I love hand made things, but I usually prefer to find it on etsy already made perfectly, or ask a crafty friend to make it for me (and slip them some cash or offer to swap for pictures). I just don’t have the patience for it most of the time, and I get frustrated. But every once in a… Continue Reading

First order of cards came in!!!

Love them, so excited! I got these cute little bags to hold all the cards… And the vellum envelopes add just the right touch. I will get my second order on Wednesday….