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Beginner Photography Video Workshop~Say NO to Auto

Beginner Photography Video

Do you have a fancy camera that you don’t know how to use?  Did you buy it thinking you’d take images like the professionals because you have a camera like the professionals?   I used to shoot on auto…it’s easy…and the pictures are decent.  But I didn’t want decent, I wanted amazing.  The only way to do that is to make the decision to Say NO to Auto and learn the camera’s manual settings.  I’ve outlined… Continue Reading

Northern Utah Travel Sessions and Say NO to Auto Workshop


I posted on Facebook a few days ago that I was headed to Utah at the end of June, and wondered if there was an interest in mini sessions or a last minute Say NO to Auto workshop.  I got a great response!! So here are the details, if you  think you know someone interested, please share!     Well lookie there, you’re on my site! Ok, so for the full details! Portrait sessions: Friday… Continue Reading

Say No to Auto Camera Workshop in Austin


A week ago, I had a Camera workshop in Austin, this next weekend will be one in Houston, so let me know if you want to join! I’ve had people drive up to 6 hours before, so if you are in the GREATER Houston area, come on over!  I don’t have immediate plans for Dallas or San Antonio at this point, so if you are there, come on over.  Here is my beautiful group in… Continue Reading

Texas Workshops


Most of you are familiar with my photography books: Say No to Auto (for beginners) and Get Focused (for intermediate levels). I have traveled to hold workshops in the past, but for now, I’ve just got two in Texas. In Austin and Houston in the next few weeks. If you cannot attend, contact Kristen about online workshops or Skype mentoring (or just leave a comment here with interest). For more detailed information on the workshops,… Continue Reading

Workshop Announcement!!!


I’ve been dragging my feet to announce dates for the workshop because it’s hard to commit so far out.  It’s official though, I have dates for Austin and Houston in January/February 2013. So if you would like to attend, just send this link to your loved one, and maybe you’ll get it gifted in your stocking this year! It’s a 2 hour workshop, and it’s $150 per person and includes my Say NO to Auto… Continue Reading

Alaska Say No to Auto Workshop

say no to auto workshop

I’m home from my Alaskan adventure, and I have SO much to share! But first, the reason I went on this excursion, to help some folks learn to Say No to Auto!  I am SO SO grateful to Katie Cannon for hosting for me, and for rallying a bunch of her friends to join in the fun. She is an amazing photographer in the Northern Anchorage area, with the desire to want to help her friends capture… Continue Reading

Colorado & Utah Workshops

utah workshop

Ok, friends.  I’ve got lots to squeeze into this week, so buckle up! I just got back from a 2 week road trip where I drove with my fam from Texas to Utah and back. Did you know that to go straight north out of Texas, it took us about 10 hours just to get out of the state? And I’m in the middle!!!  We stopped off in Colorado Springs to visit and stay with… Continue Reading

Houston Say NO to Auto Workshop

Houston photography beginner workshop

June is crazy—I’ll have 3 workshops in a row the first 3 Saturdays.  Last weekend, I was in  Houston and held one there.  This Saturday I’ll be in Colorado Springs, and next Saturday I’ll be in Salt Lake City!  If you’re in those two spots, please email me ASAP if you’d like to join! For more info on the workshops, click on the orange frame above. I had a great group join me in Houston,… Continue Reading

Summer 2012 workshops


    For more detailed workshop info, click on the ORANGE frame at the top of the site. If you live in one of these cities and want to pin it or share it on facebook, I won’t be sad.

Say NO to Auto workshop in Austin and 4 cities this summer


I held a workshop last weekend in West Austin, near Lakeway (for those in the area). My friend Debbie asked me to come out there, and offered to help with arrangements and gathering her friends…how could I turn that down?  Debbie is the awesome seamstress behind La*Tee*Da*Kids that I worked with a year or so ago for a few modeling shoots of her clothing.  See here and here for those shoots (the first one is… Continue Reading

East Coast Workshop

Group Photo Workshop

What a delight to meet some photography enthusiasts on the East Coast!  The group came together slowly, with a rush fill at the last minute.  This was the first workshop that I planned and hoped to fill because I really wanted a trip out there. But I didn’t want to buy plane tickets until I had a decent number of people sign up!  There were some nail biting moments when just a month out, I… Continue Reading

East Coast Workshop


If you live on the east coast, I’d love to have you at my workshop on March 10th!  It’ll be in Newark, Delaware, but don’t let the small-ness of the sound of the first state worry you, it’s only an hour from pretty much everywhere!  Well, ok, maybe 2-3 hours from a few places…except for my friends in Boston–I think it’s 5. 1.5 from DC, 45 minutes from Philly, 2 hours from NYC, 2 hours… Continue Reading

Say NO to Auto~Austin Workshop

Austin Workshop

I realized Saturday that I had just conducted my 10th workshop in a year!  I posted on facebook that I was on a high after it because I love teaching about something I am so passionate about–photography. I also learn from the questions asked, and it is a fun challenge for me to vocalize thoughts beyond my traditional explanations.  I also love to see the group work together and learn from each other. I had a great… Continue Reading

Austin Workshop


I made this little flier for a few people to put up for my workshop. I’ve got a few slots left, let me know if you want to come!  CLICK HERE for the workshop info.

Say NO to Auto Workshops 2012

1 (3)x

I had these big plans and dreams to travel the country/world with these workshops, but my husband brought me down to reality that this isn’t really what I want for my life right now. I LOVE to do it, but I love to be with my family more. I’ve had requests to come to so many fun places, but for now, here are the spots that I plan to travel to in the first few… Continue Reading