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Holiday gift idea~Camera T-shirt

My sister in law, Julie, loves photography about as much as I do. When I was thinking about making a gift for my new niece, I thought it would be fun to incorporate the camera and indoctrinate the young one early;)  I don’t do much with iron on transfers, and I know there are other options to do this (silhouette that I don’t have?) but this was pretty quick and easy.  Hobby lobby had the transfer paper and the onesie.  I got some fabric from my stash, and once I figured out how to invert the camera images like a mirror (in photoshop: IMAGE -> rotate canvas -> flip canvas horizontal), it was painless. Rotating is important because iron on’s are put on backwards. Though this is a baby onesie below, this can be done on any shirt as a gift for any photography lover (or yourself).  I have a camera/strap shirt I got at Target years ago (seen in this what I wore Wednesday post last spring) and everyone smiles when I wear it because…well…they know I like to take pictures;)

I also wanted to put a fun “camera strap” on, because its all the rage in photography now, dontcha know?

Though my sis in law shoots with a Canon camera, her last name is actually Cannon with 2 “n’s” so I made a play on words and put 2 “n’s” on this camera.  Oh, and I just had a free photoshop brush with a camera that I used.  Any picture would do though.

Ironed it on, and started peeling it off…

Then, I just hand stitched my fabric in a few spots.  You can also iron that on if desired. I braided the yellow part to make it look chord-like.


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  1. oh this is darling!! i love it. need one for myself! 🙂

  2. I am impresed with your craftiness! Very cute!

  3. Amber Dupuy says:

    what a fun idea… my little boy would love this. (He’s always asking to carry my camera around.)

  4. Kristen-
    Super cute! Love that you added the camera strap. I would wear one myself!!:)

  5. Melinda T says:

    How cute, I love it! My girls would love it!

  6. Jenny Polson says:

    I need this for sure 🙂 SO CUTE!

  7. Very cute!! I’m sure she’ll look darling wearing it!

  8. Kristen. Oh, these are cute. I need to make a boy version for my toddler! Not going to lie – I’ve just been through the last 3 months of your blog – what a fun blog. So much eye candy. Thanks for the comment on mine. I’m the one who photographed Leigh Anne. Oh how I wish you were here for a photo swap! I love your candid fresh happy style.
    Tara B

  9. Cute! I just ordered something similar from etsy!

  10. Okay, that is pretty cool!

  11. That is adorable!! I love that image of the camera. Where did you find it??


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