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I shouldn’t be that hard to please….

Ok, I’ve been planning for a year to give my business a facelift.  When I had someone create my logo 5 years or so ago, I told them exactly what I wanted. I got it, but I’ve never LOVED it.  I like it pretty well, but at the time, I just stuck with it.  And the yellow and brown?  They are nice together, but I don’t feel like they are “me” or my personality.  It seems too mellow and I don’t consider myself mellow.  I’ve got vibrant colors in mind and want to change things up, but was working on a logo I loved more before I do that. 

I found a logo designer on etsy, and I told her exactly what I wanted, and she did it!  But guess what?  I still didn’t LOVE what came out of it.  Maybe I should have told her?  I don’t know…she’d already done a lot and when you hire someone to do that, there is sortof a limit to what you can have them do.  So now I feel stuck.  I still want to re-work things, but not sure what to do.  Any suggestions?  Anyone out there do design work and want to give it a try?

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    Indigo Bleu Photography says:

    Offer her a little more money. Explain what you want again and see if she can get there for you. I am sure if you are honest with her she will work with you and if you offer to compensate her for the additional time she shouldn't mind.

    I am in the same boat right now. My logo is almost done. Just can't get it to where I want it exactly. I think it is close! Hoping it is.

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    Maybe if you find someone locally, that way you sit with them face to face. Do you have parts of other businesses logos that you like? Maybe you can use those as ideas for your "perfect" logo. Not to copy them, but as a spring board for something that you love.

    If you don't want to go that route, then do what Indigo suggested and talk with the Etsy seller and see if she can do some easy changes for you. Are you sure she doesn't already know how you feel about the logo? She's probably a follower of your blog :)

    I like yours now, however I don't think the font is sophisticated enough for your caliber of photography. I do think the colors in the words need to be more vibrant.

    I know you have some amazing photos, so how about using a few different designs like Dana from MADE did?

    You could have one for wedding, one for baby and one for family, all with the same info, but with a different picture on the front. Maybe that would just be good for business cards and not for your "main" logo. But it's still a cute idea :)

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    definitely communicate. you don't want to go another 5 years with a logo you don't LOVE. :) and there's nothing wrong with you…i am very hard to please too!

    i wasn't (and still am not) completely in LOVE with the final outcome of my logo, but it was all I had, and better than nothing, so I decided to stay with it for a while…and it's been about a year almost. But at this point, I don't know what else I want, so it's hard to tell a designer to do something for you when you can't be specific.

    so, i would suggest talking to her — can you talk on the phone? or do you only communicate through email? and yes, definitely compensate her for her extra time and work.

    wish i was a designer…but not the right season in my life…one thing at a time!

    if you decide to go with someone else i met a great designer at the lyon-shop, her name is Delbarr Moradi…just google her. She's in San Francisco.

    There is another lady who does logos here in CA…don't know her personally, and can't even remember how I found her blog in the first place! but here it is:

    good luck!

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    I am not sure, I would say talk with her most etsy dealers want you to be 100% happy and I would just talk to her and see what she says!

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    Amber G. says:

    Being a Designer myself, visuals are always the best route to go! Collect samples from various internet sites across the web. Gather anything that stikes your fancy. Colors, Patterns, business packages, stuff of that nature. Show that to your designer! Because sometimes, what you have in your head isn't what the designer has in his or her head.

    I'm not sure who you used off etsy, and you may have heard of this girl, but I found her blog the other day and was very impressed. The modern polkadot is very good with logos and business packages. Give her a look!

    Hope that helped!

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    Anonymous says:

    As a designer myself, I often have clients who tell me what they want exactly and I make it happen. The desired idea isn't what I think looks good and often doesn't seem to please the client when it is finished. Their ridgid idea isn't creative and they won't "let" me be creative.

    However, if I can get them to allow me to show them other ideas, I will throw in a design that I find works with what they said they liked, but what I think is good looking. And usually, they like my hybrid better.

    Talk to the designer and tell them you are not happy. Ask the designer to do something that they think would look good. A good designer hears you (all the things you are saying and not saying) and then gives you a great product. Remember, they are a creative talent too. Let them show you why you are paying for that talent.

    But sometimes, some people just arn't good logo designers — as logos are one of the hardest things to design/illustrate. Maybe this designer just isn't the one to go to for logos. Good luck!

  7. 7
    Sarah Mae says:

    What kind of thing are you looking for? You're right, the current style doesn't really seem like you. It is nice but I would associate a brighter theme with you.