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Inspirational Artist

There are so many artists/sites that I am inspired by, and I’d like to share them on here from time to time.  One that repeatedly leaves me with my jaw agape is Design Seeds.  They showcase amazining, breathtaking, often simple images, and pull the colors from them for a color board.  This is so helpful when creating a color scheme for family portraits, or home decor.  For example…If you aren’t sure what colors to wear in portraits, look at a bunch of these samples and get an idea of the colors you like together, then select clothing colors after seeing them on the boards.  For my home, I know I want my bedroom to be in turquoise and yellow, but what shade of turq. and what shade of yellow?  This helps define the colors.  If nothing else…pure. eye. candy. Here are a few of my faves:

 Fun, right?

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