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Julie & Dylan~Married!

My hubby’s youngest sister got married which spurred a cross country road trip for our little family. It is always wonderful to share in the joy as people I love begin a marriage.

 I got to sit this one out as the photographer and just take pictures for fun! Imagine that?! Julie has gotten into photography recently and I think she did well to have a non family member be in charge of capturing her special day. But that didn’t stop me from following them around and snapping shots when I could (I did ask his permission from the photographer though–always ask permission).

 Julie’s friend, Roxanne, came to do her hair and make-up. They are pretty close and it was cute to see their friendship come out with Roxanne’s excitement and repeated…”You’re getting married!” squeels with Julie. Warms my heart. Julie actually photographed Roxanne’s December wedding.

Julie and Dylan got married in the Oquirrh Mountain LDS Temple in Utah.

Julie with her husband and 3 big brothers (one brother missing).

I’d like to add that her vintage hair piece was made by a friend of mine, Tristian Skidmore. I met Tristian just weeks before and when Julie told me she was looking for this, I sent her to Tristian. Julie described to her what she wanted and Tristian created this beauty. I wish I had a better close up of the stones on it…magnifique!

Beautiful bride

Though I sorta despise reception photography, I snapped a few of the cake eating, always fun to get a good laughing moment with cake all over the couples’ face.
Their hired photographer was Jason McGrew, so watch his blog for his post in the near future. I LOVE silently watching other photographers work. I think he did a good job (herding cattle is the worst part with big families at weddings) and was very friendly. I got to chat with him about a few things photography, but I decided not to mention that I am also a professional photographer–didn’t want to make it awkward for him.
Love ya, Julicious! You made a very beautiful bride:)

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  1. 1
    Stefanie says:

    Beautiful pictures. I love her dress and the vintage hair piece, green shoes, flowers .. love it all. So Julie. Gorgeous.

  2. 2

    Great pictures, thanks for posting so I could see what I missed!

  3. 3

    I'm so glad to see your pictures. You really do an amazing job.

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    mark eric says:


  5. 5
    Jason McGrew Photography says:

    Lovely images! It was great talking with you at the wedding! Best of luck in the future.. Oh and check out the

  6. 6
    Jason McGrew Photography says:

    Lovely images! It was great talking with you at the wedding! Best of luck in the future.. Oh and check out the