Mormon Pioneer Handcart Trek: Day 2

If you missed the intro post about our Mormon Pioneer Handcart Trek (prep and Day 1) click on the link to get started.  That first night was kinda rushed, and I was surprised that I didn’t sleep a little better. I even brought an extra modern convenience, a portable fan. I just don’t sleep well without a fan/white noise, so it was a must. Plus, it was blowing right on me all night. I woke up needing to go to the bathroom, and it seemed light enough outside that surely I’d hear the bugle blowing at any minute. I didn’t want to un-necessarily wake up my husband, and he sleeps worse than me in most cases anyway. I should have kept my phone close by to check the time, but when I heard him stir and knew he was awake, I asked the time, and it was only 5:15am! I couldn’t wait an hour to go to the bathroom, so I un-zipped our tent, and found my way to the port-a-potty.  As much as people hate those things, I was grateful it wasn’t the forest.

Our fourth daughter arrived that morning, so we had 4 boys and 4 girls in our family. Here we are, all ready to go!

pioneer family

At 6:30, the bugle sounded, and the kids started stirring. We had to all hop to it, and work together to get breakfast ready.  I sent 2 kids to the central spot to get our breakfast crate, which was filled with the necessities for our meal. Fortunately, I had a mini flip book (that was pretty much the size and look of my Say NO to Auto books) that had all our recipes and schedule and instruction we’d need to be ready.  We were having breakfast burritos, and that was pretty exciting to me. As some kids prepped the charcoal/dutch oven, others mixed the eggs, while others took down the tent. You can see in the image below, our 2 blue buckets and blue ice chest for supplies.

morning by Victoria Anne Photography

We felt all prepared and on top of things, then we saw other families around us putting away their breakfast stuff, while our eggs were still not cooked. We found out our neighbors, the Porters (my son’s family) used a propane burner with a pot to cook their eggs and it was much faster. We had those items, but didn’t realize it’d be so much faster. They kindly let us use their pot, but we were so behind. By the time our food was done, people were walking towards our next scheduled event, and we were shoving burritos into our faces!… Continue Reading

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