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7 Tricks for Natural Smiles when Taking Pictures of your Kids


Friends! I’m so stinkin’ excited to announce my very first FREE LIVE WEBINAR!!!  It’s the introduction to all that I’ve been working on over the months with my brand new photography course. So you MUST… Continue Reading

17 Apple Recipes for Dinner

17 Apple Recipes for a perfect Fall inspired dinner!

‘Tis the season for apples….apples of every kind. For snacking and baking and simply enjoying. How about apples for dinner? Oh yes, that’s what I said. I eat an apple a day when I first… Continue Reading

Summer Lovin Treats


Summer is starting to come to a close for some of you, but here in Texas, we’ve still got some time. It’s 100 degree’s out still, with some mighty fine humidity. We’re still hanging out… Continue Reading

Chewy Date Energy Protein Bites

Medjool Date Protein Bites, great boost of energy after a workout, or to snack during the day

I love the little bursts of delicious I get from protein bites, and I’m excited to share a version of a recipe recently introduced me to. A great healthy snack for after workouts, or just for… Continue Reading

15 Savory Dinner Recipes with Bacon

15 Savory dinner recipes with bacon that will bring the family around the dinner table!

Raise your virtual hand if you have a bacon obsession like I do!!!!  I like it all alone, but it adds amazing flavor to meals, so I’m sharing 15 Savory Dinner Recipes with Bacon. You’ll even… Continue Reading

Lunch Jokes with Body Parts

Lunch Jokes with Body Parts

I totally thought I already shared these Lunch Jokes with Body Parts in August. I had them all ready to go, and was going to write this post when I was in Tennessee, and completely… Continue Reading

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