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My Love Story: Chapter 22~Houston Texas

July 4th

{If you missed previous chapters of our Love Story, click HERE to catch up. Or for a refresher of Chapter 21, Mixed Emotions, read here.} It’s my 14th wedding anniversary, so I HAD to share the next chapter of our love story today!! I arrived home in Houston on June 25th.  I hadn’t really told anyone in my family what as going on. It was all happening so quickly, from when I stepped onto US… Continue Reading

My Love story~Chapter 21: Mixed Emotions

roommates and friends

{If you are new to my love story, start here. To remind yourself of the last chapter, click here.} As I flew across the world from Egypt to the United States at the end of my 7 week adventure, I felt a peace. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next in my life, and I was kind of excited about the clean slate ahead of me. As the airplane touched down on American… Continue Reading

My Love story~Chapter 20: Moving Forward

sunset on the sea of Galilee

{Happy birthday to my man! In honor of his birthday, I hammered out another chapter of our love story. If you’d like to read from the beginning, start here.} Letters of uncertainty from Matthew. 5 emails waiting for me when I returned from a few days unplugged. While he was tormented in California, this is what I was experiencing on the other side of the world:   {Top: Floating in the Dead Sea Middle Left:… Continue Reading

My Love Story~Chapter 19: My Boyfriend

on the bus

{If you are new to my love story, start here. I got the sweetest email from a new friend in Vermont telling me that she was told by her friend about my love story, and sat and read for 3 hours straight all the chapters thus far. It prompted me (once again) to force myself to write the next chapter. This has been the hardest chapter to write, it’s taken me 3 months to sit down… Continue Reading

My Love Story~Chapter 18: Oceans Apart

friends in Jerusalem

{If you are new to my love story, start here} After the email I got from Matthew, I went home happy, but quite confused. Did he really feel that way all along? Why didn’t he tell me before we parted ways? How do I tear down the wall I built around my heart? He was several states away, and I was leaving in less than 24 hours to fly across the world to Jerusalem. I… Continue Reading

Love Story~Chapter 17: The Letters

love story letter kristen duke

{If you’ve missed the previous chapters of  my love story, start here} He left. He actually left. I had this hope that he wouldn’t leave, and that he’d beg me to stay. But he didn’t. Just gave me a hug, an old t-shirt, and said goodbye. It made me feel that much better about the farewell letter I wrote. It wasn’t “see ya, lets keep in touch” in my mind, it was goodbye…for good. I… Continue Reading

My Love Story~Chapter 15: Just Friends

BYU cougar

{If you are new to my love story, you can start from the beginning HERE.} The timing was off. Would our timing ever be ON?  Being with him I felt so much happiness, but when we were apart, that constant knot in my stomach never went away…for months. It was agony. Choosing to stay away from him for a day or two gave me a sense of power over my roller coaster of emotions. Though… Continue Reading

Boys Room Reveal: UT vs. BYU

home decor diy

On any given day, you can spot one of my boys wearing a t-shirt or jersey from one of their two favorite Universities: UT or BYU. Both schools are equally favorites for both of my boys, so I thought it’d be fun to incorporate both school themes into the decor of their room. I was pleased that they were very excited about the idea. My husband and I met and graduated from BYU (Brigham Young… Continue Reading

My Love Story~Chapter 14–Bleeding Heart


{If you are new to my love story, you can start from the beginning HERE.} This (and the next) is perhaps the toughest chapters to write of my entire story because I look back at this time as the most vulnerable time in my life. Filled with lots of uncertainty and heartache. A real deep aching and bleeding of my heart.  Even still, when I look back at  pictures of me, and of him at… Continue Reading

Big wooden custom signs as room decor


I started painting my boys room over a year ago with big plans in my head that just aren’t getting executed quick enough. They’ve sat dormant until now. My goal is to show you the room reveal by the end of January–I’m so close! For now, here are 2 huge signs we hung in their room over the weekend. They love both BYU and UT, so both are represented;) There was some major empty wall… Continue Reading

My Love story–Chapter 2~Many crushes


Sorry for the major delay–those that have been waiting on pins and needles for Chapter 2.  Besides life getting the best of me, it is quite an exhaustive effort to recall, read through journals, and pull together my thoughts with pictures.  But I want to do this for myself and my kids (and of course all of you) so it will get done eventually. If you haven’t read Chapter 1 of our love story, you… Continue Reading

My Love Story: One Chapter at a Time

love story

Every time I tell the story of  how my hubby and I met and dated, I get all sorts of mixed reactions.  It’s a crazy story, and I love it because it’s mine. I’m writing little bits at a time, here is where it all began. Chapter 1 Little Fish Chapter 2 Many Crushes Chapter 3 Timid Emails Chapter 4 The Brother Chapter 5 Another Spark Chapter 6 Small Moments Chapter 7: Christmas Break Chapter 8: Ten Thousand… Continue Reading