Pictures of a ballet dancer in her tutu
Easy dessert, similar to a dump cake
A most delicious side salad or dessert
Boston Cream Cake by This decadent cake is assembled in under 10 minutes

Matching Christmas Jammies

Christmas Pajamas

Merry Christmas!!! I’m so grateful for the blessings of this year, and today to celebrate the birth of our Savior. I’m grateful for the blessing of His life and Atonement that was not only to cover my mistakes, but also to take away my sadness when I am low. I am so excited to share that I sewed for the first time some matching Christmas jammies for my entire family! Now don’t look to closely… Continue Reading

Christmas Tree Farm

family at the tree farm

Merry Christmas Eve!!! I’ve been wanting to share pictures of our fam cutting down our Christmas tree this year. We actually have a TALL pre lit tree that holds all of my pretty ornaments, but we like to get a REAL smaller tree for the joy of the hunt as well as having one for our mish mash of ornaments gathered throughout the years. Last year when we cut our tree down, it was quite… Continue Reading

Christmas Banana Bread

Christmas Banana Bread

This Christmas Banana Bread recipe can really be made all year, but I call it by this name because my friend Emily would make it and deliver it to us each year at Christmas time. The red maraschino cherries make it festive looking, and the secret ingredient: butterscotch chips, gives this bread a unique and unexpected twist. If you’re not allergic, don’t forget the pecans, because MMMmmm, Mmm, do they make it extra delicious. I’ll… Continue Reading

Handmade Christmas Pillows

handmade christmas pillows

It may be a tad late to order these handmade Christmas pillow covers for this year, but I thought they were so adorable I just wanted to share. Grab ‘em for next year, and at the very least, take a look at these adorable handmade shops. I love highlighting small businesses, because there is so much unique-ness and originality out there. I did a little etsy search a few weeks ago for Christmas pillow covers,… Continue Reading

Photo Wrapping Paper and other unique gift wrap Ideas

Homemade wrapping paper

If you love family photo’s as much as I do, you’ll love to wrap a few gifts with this Photo Wrapping Paper. It’s a fun personal touch for a handful of gifts for your family! I first shared this project on my friend Jamie’s blog C.R.A.F.T. along with several others fun ideas with other bloggers. Here is a collage with links for all of them!

Under the Mistletoe~On my Mind Monday

Under the misteltoe

Well it was a great week last week. A few normal hiccups, but lots of fun stuff going on! I actually texted 2 different friends at the beginning of December saying, “hey, you should throw a couples Christmas party!” To which they both responded (in so many words) that I’m crazy. I just wanted to go to a couples Christmas party without throwing one…is that so much to ask? We didn’t go to one last… Continue Reading

Christmas Holiday Fashion: Red Lipstick and Ankle Boots

Christmas Holiday Fashion

I am a big believer in wearing red and green to Christmas gatherings. It’s just against my own personal moral code  not to. I’ve thrown in black, gold, or silver with just a touch of red or green sometimes, but you will never see me wear teal, orange, pink, or even turquoise to a Christmas event–even though I love those colors. I am LOVING the trend of hot pink and turquoise at Christmas, I even… Continue Reading

What’s on my Mind

cut down your own christmas tree

Isn’t it ironic that last week I declared I want to share what’s on my mind each week, then have kind of a crazy week, of which I don’t really want to share whats on my mind??  Some things I just can’t share because it affects other people, but  what I can say is that there was a day last week that I was in a dark place. I simply felt that too many things… Continue Reading

Christmas Present Pretzels


I’m delighted to welcome my friend Kimberly as a guest today! She’s got a fabulous and simple holiday treat that I know you’ll love! Christmas is my favorite time of the year, and I’m so excited to share my yummy creation here with Kristen! I’m Kimberly from Stuffed Suitcase, and I’m here to show you how to make some Christmas Present Pretzels for this holiday season. Chocolate covered pretzels are one of my favorite treats,… Continue Reading

Fabric Christmas Countdown Chain

Fabric Christmas Countdown Chain

For some, the next few days will be filled with travel and family and craziness! For others, they might be relaxing at home with a good book or craft activity. This Fabric Christmas Countdown Chain is a fun activity to whip up that you can enjoy year after year!  I shared this a few weeks ago at I Heart Nap Time, and now I’m sharing it at  my “home.”   This was a new idea… Continue Reading

Fabric Rosette Christmas Tree Ornament

Rosette Christmas Tree Ornament

I’ve mentioned before that I love anything with texture. Several years ago, I first saw fabric rosette necklaces from Allora Handmade, and fell in love with their textured goodness to add to clothing (especially for pictures). I have a few necklaces myself, and have tried to make a few. I also thought it’d be fun to work with some holiday colored fabric scraps to make a Christmas tree ornament, so that’s what I’m showing you… Continue Reading

Nativity Fabric Ornaments

handmade ornaments

The 10th is here! The best day of the month! With Christmas coming (HOORAY!!!), and trees sure to go up in just a couple of weeks. I made a set of Nativity Fabric Ornaments that I’m excited to share. We are excited this month for the theme to be Handmade Ornaments.

Family Holiday Card

Duke Christmas Card

I love sending holiday cards, and love getting them! If you send them out this year, I’d love to have one, and hang it up on my wall of love. If you send me yours, I’m going to do my best to send you ours!  I’ll order a bunch of extras and send them til I run out. So add me to your address list! I’d love if you want to write a little note… Continue Reading

Christmas Decor at my Home

12 foot christmas tree

I wanted to share with you some pictures of how I decorate for Christmas. I’ve been collecting cute little Christmas knick-nacks for quite a few years now, and pulling them out to decorate brings back memories of the place in my life I was when I got them… many before I was married. I love the decorate in the traditional red and green with silver sprinkled in. I’ve seen beautiful hand made decor all over… Continue Reading

Photo Album–last minute gift idea


Do you need a last minute gift idea that is sure to delight anyone on your list? Everyone loves ictures!  It’s a no brainer that I gift my parents and grandparents pictures of my family and children each year.  It’s what they love and something unique only I can give.  But this gift idea is geared more specifically to young children (but I’m sure adults would enjoy it as well).  It can be done in just… Continue Reading