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Baking brown butter treats at home
Taking pictures of two girls
Easter Family Picture

Fall Family Portrait Session

photo shoot

I was SO delighted to take these family portraits. Lets just say we go WAAAAY back. My mom and this momma’s momma are dear friends, and this momma’s brother married my best friend. Got it?  Good. They live in a neighboring town, and we’d talked about my taking their pics for a few years, so I’m happy the day arrived to actually do it!  These kids are quite exceptional, well behaved, and loving. I may… Continue Reading

Derek, Colette, & Micah~Part 2

I’m not going to try to make them bigger–click to enlarge:)

Derek, Colette, & Micah~ Part I

I got to play in a new location and it was so much fun for me! Can you figure out where I am? This family wanted colorful urban, and I think we got just that!(The horizontal images became pixelated when enlarged, just click on them to see larger) I really love this last one. Can I just say that I loved her shoes so much, we stopped off at the store she got them, and… Continue Reading

Another fun family of 6!

I met this family for the first time just minutes before these images were taken. The mom just called me last week and wanted to have portraits taken of her 8 month old son before he was crawling (and would likely turn away from a snap happy camera lady). Being already booked and impending vacation, we had to act fast. She found me online after sorting through a handful of photographers, and I felt honored… Continue Reading

The sun came out! ~A family of 6

It’s been dreary, overcast, and chilly around here, so I was so happy that the weather was in our favor and I was able to get that golden tree line that I so adore. Here is your sneak peek, Mary Ann! Your family was delightful:)

Happy Family

Here is the family I mentioned in the previous post. Their oldest child is about to embark on a 2 year Mission for their church to Spain. I loved the flowers growing wild in the field captured here. Unfortunately, the next morning, I woke up with chigger bites all over my legs. Lucky for them, they didn’t seem to endure the same fate. The things I do for great pictures:) Here are just a few…