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Baking brown butter treats at home
Taking pictures of two girls
Easter Family Picture

2014 Goals

happy new year

Happy New Year!!! I love the idea of a fresh start on January 1st. Last year, I made some blogging goals and personal goals, so I thought I’d type out a few again.  I can’t think of just one thing to work on, so I’ll just chat about the areas in my life that I want to improve. I think I’ll print this up and keep it as a reminder for myself.  Look at this,… Continue Reading

Family Games for all Ages

Family Games for all Ages

Happy Black Friday! I prefer to order from my computer instead of fighting crowds, so I thought I’d share something for those doing the same thing as me! I’ve been on a hunt lately to find family games for all ages. Meaning, I want games that we can all play together and everyone has fun. My kids age from 4-13, and it can be tricky finding games that fit all of those ages. (Okay, maybe… Continue Reading

Thankful for my Blessings

alaska love

Happy Thanksgiving! At least to all you celebrating in the U.S. Even to those not eating a giant turkey today, I wanted to share with you my gratitude for my blessings. I have so much to be thankful for, and I like to reflect on that because sometimes I get frustrated with things in life, but remembering the little and big things bring me back to reality of what is important. It’s the typical, grateful… Continue Reading

Photographing Family Gatherings

Fun Ideas for Photographing Family Gatherings

It’s Photo Tip Tuesday! I missed last week, but it’s still heavy on my mind that there is a desire for more photography posts out there–I’ve made a list of things to share coming up!!!  Today, I’m sharing my article, How to Photograph Family Gatherings, that is over at the New York Institute of Photography. A lot of us are getting together for Thanksgiving or Christmas with friends and family, and will bring the camera. I’m… Continue Reading

Duke Family Song

Duke Family Song

For the past few years, I’ve had BIG plans to make a family motto and decorate it all cute to display in our home. I’ve seen so many great ideas online, and we even once sat down (2 years ago) and made a super fun and cute family motto peppered with inspiring phrases for goals and such. Then I lost the paper that had our fabulous ideas on it, and I’ve felt ill about it… Continue Reading

Family Petite Portrait Sessions

utah portraits

I have had 6 petite sessions in the past week–5 in Utah and one right here in Texas. I wanted to make sure that they get their sneak peek before too long, so I’ve lumped 5 of them all together here with 2 sample images each (the 6th group has to wait a bit). Petite sessions are generally about posed shots, and I try to include a few candids, as well. I had so much… Continue Reading

Family Portraits

backlight photography

I took these family pictures over a month ago for my dear friends, and I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to share them! It was a gorgeous day, I loved the clothing they put together, the kids were adorable, and the parents had fun–yay! You may recognize my friend Staci, who helped me with the Gallery Wall in my girls fancy room. She’s also helping me with a project on my room of… Continue Reading

Walt Disney World Family Vacation: How to Plan your Trip

Walt Disney World Family Vacation

I recently came back from a Walt Disney World Family Vacation, and we had so much fun! Since it was the first time I’d been with my children, I had so many questions in my mind about what to do in just ONE day at each theme park, so I thought I’d put together a 5 part series with the top ten attractions and tips along with photo ops at each park we went to,… Continue Reading

Story from Alayna, my sis in law


Kristen has a lot of amazing qualities.  One of them can be that she is very direct, some might say blunt. My first experience with her, let’s call it “straight-shooting,” came very early in our relationship.

My youngest brother, Kirk shares a story

littlest brother

One of my favorite memories growing up with Kristen was when she taught me how to drive.  I remember that it was around my 14th birthday and she wanted to be the cool sister to show me the ropes of driving.  Now, hopefully this fact doesn’t get her in trouble with the law as I was definitely without so much as a driving permit, but that is the way that Kristen likes to roll.  So… Continue Reading

My brother Russell, 3.5 years younger

little bro

One of my first distinct memories in my life occurred in our house in Slidell LA.  It was either before we moved in our right after we moved in and some finishing touches being done on the house.  There was a balcony above the living room from the second floor.  I was 3 years old so Kristen was about 6 or 7.

Funny Stories told by my Older brother, Ryan

older brother

Kristen has asked each of her siblings to enter her blog-o-sphere world to share some memories from her life.  Unlike Kristen, I’m not such an open book publicly, so even 20 – 30 years after some experiences I still don’t want to self-incriminate on past behavior or long-time mysteries too much.  Hopefully, she’ll leave the gaps on anything that I’m purposefully vague. {My Junior year of high school, visiting my brother at his freshman year… Continue Reading

A Week of Embarrassing Stories


I’m not afraid to lay myself out there and tell some silly stories in order to get a good laugh and in the name of authenticity. I was recently filling out a little survey about myself and one of the questions was, to share an embarrassing story. I thought and thought, but ultimately, I was stumped. I’m sure there were some, but nothing came to mind. I thought, who better to ask than my family… Continue Reading

Decorating with Pictures at All Things Thrifty


I’m so thrilled to introduce my friend Brooke to all of you today! I met Brooke last summer at the EVO blog conference, and I was instantly drawn to her. She is so easy to talk to and so generous with her time in helping me sort out a few blogging details. I even joined her on the Better Blogging Google Hangout and learned even more about this blogging biz!  Her site, All Things Thrifty,… Continue Reading

Personal Goal


I mentioned a few days ago my Blogging Goals, and wow, it’s amazing that if you actually set a goal, that early determination is like wildfire! I feel like I’m constantly working on my mothering skills, to talk sweet to my children, to apologize when I’ve gotten upset, to practice patience when they don’t come when asked (twice), to engage with them, to look into their eyes when they are telling a story, to hug… Continue Reading