Baking brown butter treats at home
Taking pictures of two girls
Easter Family Picture
Pictures of a ballet dancer in her tutu

On my Mind in March

duke family theme song

My friends, I’m back! Oh how I’ve missed writing in my daily journal, and missed hearing from you loyal readers. Today, I’ll share some of what’s been on my mind lately, it is Monday after all. I have LOVED all of the Decorating with Pictures inspiration. I’ve got my new painted creation up on my wall, with plans to add a few more. One “take home” I got from the series is that I want… Continue Reading

On my Mind Today

January fun

So excited about 2014! Something about a new year/clean slate, brings great possibility.  Here are some highlights and thoughts from my past week: I had a great New Years Eve! For the first time ever our entire family stayed up til midnight! Last year it was just my boys and I (husband usually goes to bed). It helped that we were at a friends house, and we actually planned to leave at 10 ish, but… Continue Reading

2014 Goals

happy new year

Happy New Year!!! I love the idea of a fresh start on January 1st. Last year, I made some blogging goals and personal goals, so I thought I’d type out a few again.  I can’t think of just one thing to work on, so I’ll just chat about the areas in my life that I want to improve. I think I’ll print this up and keep it as a reminder for myself.  Look at this,… Continue Reading

Family Time

photo 112

I’ve really enjoyed sharing what’s on my Mind on Mondays (a.k.a. Kristen’s ramblings), and going to aim to keep that an ongoing tradition. I’ve got a group share going on tomorrow, so thought I’d post this Sunday night instead. It’s a chance for me to journal for myself, and for those of you out there to get to know me beyond the projects and recipes I share. I want everyone out there to know that… Continue Reading

Long December

Minute to Win It Kissing ornament game

Dear December, I love you for the joy of the Christmas season, but I’m ready to start over in the new year. It’s been a dramatic month, and I’m anxious for less drama in my life. But not before this FUN Christmas week ahead of me! Drama aside, I’m feeling grateful for this family of mine, and how fulfilled I feel with them. Until January, Kristen ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

What’s on my Mind

cut down your own christmas tree

Isn’t it ironic that last week I declared I want to share what’s on my mind each week, then have kind of a crazy week, of which I don’t really want to share whats on my mind??  Some things I just can’t share because it affects other people, but  what I can say is that there was a day last week that I was in a dark place. I simply felt that too many things… Continue Reading

Inside my Brain

road trip in the car

I’ve been thinking a lot the last week about what I want from this blog. What I want for me, and what I want for those of you that tune in and read it–to get from me. I have this insatiable need to share my thoughts, share my activities, share my life. Not sure why that is. I do see life as joyful and fun, and I have hopes that some of that may rub… Continue Reading

Don’t ever let anyone Dim Your Glow

don't let anyone dim your glow

Glow. We all have it. Some of us don’t think we do. Some of us are afraid to let that glow out, afraid of how we will be perceived.   {Download 8×10 printable here, thanks to Lindsay for creating what was in my head} What exactly is your glow, you ask?

What I believe, part II


I consider myself a very religious person, and I love living in a diverse world and hearing about other faiths and what they believe, so today I share with you a little more of what I believe, because darn dittly my faith seems to get a lot of misunderstandings, and it can be frustrating. A year ago, I wrote a post called What I believe (part I), and it’s on my sidebar to easily access if… Continue Reading

My crazy life in the past 10 days

my crazy life

{My daughter took this, and encouraged me to “smile with my teeth” when I flashed a half hearted grin at her.} I have so many fun things to share, but have been having some major computer issues!  Story of my life…really. I’m sure you would like to know every sorted detail about how I’ve been on the phone with Adobe for hours, cried some tears to them, wanted to pull out my hair and poke… Continue Reading