Boston Cream Cake by This decadent cake is assembled in under 10 minutes
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9 Little Indians

beautiful little indian

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the United States! This holiday is all about Pilgrims and Indians, and I got to photograph 9 Little Indians a few days ago, so I had to hurry up and edit some images to share on this fun holiday. These adorable Indian head-dresses were handmade by one of the mama’s, Jana at My 24 Hour Design.  You can find step by step instructions on how to make them… Continue Reading

3 handsome boys~Round Rock photographer


This petite session was super easy–3 happy and adorable boys made it that way. Did they want to run around and explore? Yes. But we had so much fun, and it was tough to narrow down my faves.

My favorite Quintuplets!


We are LONG overdue for a quintuplet post. I used to photograph them every month their first year of life, then it was every few months, now it tends to be about once a year.  I had a good friend and client recently tell me, “You know, I love looking at your blog, but my favorite is when you share those quintuplets.”  So, Dona, here you go!  I used to have a Quintuplet category, but… Continue Reading

Sisters~Austin Family Photographer


These two girls are so adorably sweet and delightful to photograph. We had a lot to live up to from our last photo shoot, but we had just as much fun at their grandfathers property, and I was delighted to get giggles and smiles the whole time through. I brought a few little tricks up my sleeve as well;) And a fun little slideshow with a few extras…;)

My sweet Nephew


A quick little 10 minute session on the driveway of the home we stayed in to snap some shots of my nephew at age 6 months.  He is moving off to China (along with his fam) so I won’t be seeing  him for a while!  Cute little smile, he has;)

Sydney turns ONE!


Just look at her crystal baby blues.  A little over a month ago, I went to my nieces first b-day party in Houston.  It’s my youngest brothers first child. She is a happy little baby and the recipient of the hand me down wardrobe from my girls.  I made a red and black circle banner that morning, and as we drove into town, we hit traffic and we were an hour late.  I came in stringing… Continue Reading

Ava & Kingston


I’ve done a handful of petite portrait sessions lately, and they’ve been so much fun! I have heard some people are hesitant to book them because of the short 15-20 minute window, but with little ones, that tends to be how long they last anyway!  If you just want one great family shot, or just an individual of each child, it is the perfect amount of time.   I had fun with these 2 cute smiley kids, and this… Continue Reading

All mine~A few favorites of my kiddies lately


Look who turned 6!


My sweet girl.  We had a little photo shoot in her birthday outfit, just minutes before her pink lemonade party.  She is very excited to grow up just a little bit more…and as hard as it is for me to see it happen….  I am really enjoying her along the way.

My baby turned 2


Yep, it happened.  I tried to stop it, but it didn’t work.  Instead, I will have these images to freeze the time of when she was still “one.”  Here is a glimpse at our very short lived photo shoot.  She does her own thing without any regard to my  instructions or pleading… Sorry, but I love the teary shot.  We did stop after this sadness. …but I thought I’d end on a happy note here.… Continue Reading

My kids+feather pillows=happy smiles!


Ever since I told my kids about my friend Tricia’s family photo shoot, they wondered why I couldn’t do something fun like that for them.  What they didn’t know is that I left that shoot with 2 opened pillows just waiting for the right moment. We headed across the street to the forest “fort” the boys built with the neighbors. I decided to do less pillowing fighting because I could envision tears.  The baby got… Continue Reading

The Quintuplets turn 3!


Did you see them on TLC 2 weeks ago?  The Texas Quints….it was SO fun.  Look for them in re-runs if you missed it!  Well, they turned 3 in July, and we’ve had to reschedule this shoot a few times.  I just think they are adorable and it is always so delightful to follow them around with my camera:)  Thanks to my friend Vanessa, I have a cute little duck wrapped around my camera lens… Continue Reading

lovin’ my 17 month old baby


I decided to rebel against the traditional 18 month pics, and go for the big 17.  My baby was born on the 17th, after all. Also, I am a lover of all things seven.  My b-day is 7/7 and I was thrilled to deliver my baby (several weeks early) on the 17th.  Brought immense joy to my soul. My hubby says she isn’t a baby anymore, but a toddler.  I’m not a fan of him… Continue Reading

Self Portraits with my Kids

Equal to my passion to decorate with portraits is my desire for moms to get out from behind the camera and to be in pictures with their kids.  I wrote an extensive blog post over at The Idea Room, so go check it out.  In the next week, we are having a link up party to share our creative efforts to have pictures taken of us alone or with our kids.  Here are 3 self… Continue Reading

Miss Eva turns 2

I’ve been photographing this sweet little girl since she was 2 days old.  (See her 1st birthday pics here.)  Her mom let me have a little fun and we made a newpaper backdrop and added some of her favorite accesories–purses and hats and fancy things!