Pictures of a ballet dancer in her tutu
Easy dessert, similar to a dump cake
A most delicious side salad or dessert
Boston Cream Cake by This decadent cake is assembled in under 10 minutes
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Beginner Photography Video Workshop~Say NO to Auto

Beginner Photography Video

Do you have a fancy camera that you don’t know how to use?  Did you buy it thinking you’d take images like the professionals because you have a camera like the professionals?   I used to shoot on auto…it’s easy…and the pictures are decent.  But I didn’t want decent, I wanted amazing.  The only way to do that is to make the decision to Say NO to Auto and learn the camera’s manual settings.  I’ve outlined… Continue Reading

How to Take your Own Family Pictures

How to Take your own Family Pictures

This time of year is the busiest for Taking Family pictures, and I know I personally get excited at the idea of picking outfits, deciding on a location, and dreaming about how I’m going to display the pictures in my home. So today I’m going to talk ALL about those topics. I asked a few blogger friends if they’d allow me to post on their site for a little blog hop all about tips for Taking… Continue Reading

It’s my Birthday!


Today is my 35th birthday, I’m officially in my mid thirties. I’ve never concerned myself TOO much with the number, haven’t felt too much sadness about getting old—yet! I feel young, and that’s all that matters, right? I’ve always loved my birthday, it’s my one special day, and I like celebrating, and I think everyone should feel the same. I had a fun idea to do a giveaway for my birthday, so asked my good… Continue Reading

How to fix a Picture taken in Auto

siblings meeting baby

For those that know me and my blog know that I’m all about Saying NO to Auto.  Goodness sake, I wrote a book about it!  Today I’m sharing how to fix a picture taken in auto. Firstly, I’m a photographer with a desire to teach moms to use their fancy cameras the RIGHT way. BUT, I also think it is necessary to emphasize that it is more important to capture the moment, than to be… Continue Reading

Say No to Auto Camera Workshop in Austin


A week ago, I had a Camera workshop in Austin, this next weekend will be one in Houston, so let me know if you want to join! I’ve had people drive up to 6 hours before, so if you are in the GREATER Houston area, come on over!  I don’t have immediate plans for Dallas or San Antonio at this point, so if you are there, come on over.  Here is my beautiful group in… Continue Reading

Say NO to Auto Photography Book on Amazon

say no to auto photo book

Special Announcement! I’m so excited that  Say NO to Auto is now selling on Amazon in print!!! When I first assembled this book 2 years ago as an e-book, I never dreamed It’d be up on Amazon! All it took was getting an ISBN # or barcode.  This version costs less than on my site, to compensate for more in shipping. (SEE below for how you can help me review it).   I had to reformat the… Continue Reading

Using the foreground to frame your shot


Do you remember how a week or so ago I posted my little TV segment?  If you didn’t see the video, CLICK HERE to see it. Here is the post I shared with studio 5, that the segment was built off of. A lot of people asked if I knew ahead of time what the co hosts would ask, etc. and it actually came from my sharing THIS post (below) with them, and they pulled… Continue Reading

Houston Say NO to Auto Workshop

Houston photography beginner workshop

June is crazy—I’ll have 3 workshops in a row the first 3 Saturdays.  Last weekend, I was in  Houston and held one there.  This Saturday I’ll be in Colorado Springs, and next Saturday I’ll be in Salt Lake City!  If you’re in those two spots, please email me ASAP if you’d like to join! For more info on the workshops, click on the orange frame above. I had a great group join me in Houston,… Continue Reading

Say NO to Auto Workshops 2012

1 (3)x

I had these big plans and dreams to travel the country/world with these workshops, but my husband brought me down to reality that this isn’t really what I want for my life right now. I LOVE to do it, but I love to be with my family more. I’ve had requests to come to so many fun places, but for now, here are the spots that I plan to travel to in the first few… Continue Reading

Say NO to Auto book~ Now in Hardback!


Well….my version of hardback…not electronic; ) Just a week ago I announced the revision of my Say NO to Auto e-book that was released in January.  I’ve had such an incredible response and feedback, it brings me so much joy!  SO many people have asked me if they could purchase a hard copy instead of the e-book and until now, it just wasn’t feasable.  But I have made up a few samples and I am… Continue Reading

Final 2011 Beginners~Say NO to Auto~ Workshop


I did it!  I completed my workshops for the  year!  I decided to cut it off for the rest of 2011 because the next few months are my busiest for  portraits and I don’t have any travel plans set in stone.  If you are in Texas, comment below and I will put you on the notify list before I post them next year.  I will likely do one somewhere in Texas in January or February.… Continue Reading

Workshops in Arizona and California


I planned all along to hold a workshop in California when I knew we would be traveling there.  But when we last minute decided to drive to Cali, I thought I’d try to squeeze in a workshop in Arizona since we were driving through and I had a list of a good group of people who wanted to attend.  Problem is….about half of them were out of town on the date it was held.  I knew… Continue Reading

ARIZONA~Here I come!!!


 {Image taken of me demonstrating a very important point at the Dallas workshop last Saturday,  by Jennifer @ Christian but Human} Ok, so we planned to fly to California in July (workshop + family trip), but after hammering out details, we decided to drive.  That means, I’m headed straight through the middle of Arizona!!!   I’m very excited because I have only ever been inside the Phoenix airport.  I’ve got lots of online friends in Arizona asking… Continue Reading

Dallas Workshop and a little surprise


Had another fun workshop last weekend in Dallas (Plano to be exact).  Met a handful of lovely ladies from the area, even a few traveled in from Louisiana!  I just wished there was more time to chat about life in general with each of them, but I think they all came out feeling much more confident using their cameras!  Here are some pics from the day: Below, I took a head shot of Aimee for… Continue Reading

WIWW & Workshop in Houston


I think I’m going to take a break from WIWW for a little bit.  It’s summer…it’s hot…and my clothes just aren’t that exciting on the weekdays.  I mean, I don’t even get to walk into the school and show the staff how “put together” I am while wrangling 4 kids.  Plus, I have such a backlog of pictures to share, and I need my Wednesdays back! For that reason, I am combining it with a… Continue Reading