{If you are not anywhere near my workshop locations, I can schedule a skype mentoring session  as an alternative to the class type settings. It can be designed to fit your individual needs. Same price as the workshop, but since one on one, half the time.}

say no to auto workshop

I hear from so many people who buy fancy camera’s that they are frustrated that their pictures aren’t coming out as beautifully as they had hoped.  I ask them if they are shooting on “AUTO” and after a sheepish admission, I help them explain why. Yes there is clarity from a quick dSLR camera, but the beauty of shooting on full manual settings comes from jumping off of “auto” and learning how to use the camera the way it was meant to be used. It can be an overwhelming process to flip through the owner’s manual, so I created a method to break it down to the basics with my book and hands on workshop.

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  If you can’t make a workshop, I will take a few skype/phone mentoring sessions.

~The Locations & dates~

~The Workshop~

Do you have a big fancy camera, but not sure what to do with it?  Did you buy it thinking you’d have images like the professionals because you have a camera like the professionals? When I bought mine 7 years ago, I thought so too, but I became very frustrated when this wasn’t the case.  I’d see amazing images coming from others, and realize I was missing something.  I used to shoot on auto…it’s easy…and the pictures are decent.  But I didn’t want decent, I wanted amazing.  The only way to do that is to make the decision to say NO to auto and learn the camera’s manual settings.  There are 3 basic steps, and I teach you how to find the right buttons on your camera, so you can leave with the confidence to produce beautiful images yourself!

Come join me for a fun beginners’ photography workshop! The classroom type setting makes it fun for everyone to learn together and hear questions that you didn’t think to ask.

What we’ll discuss:

  • How to use your Digital SLR camera
  • Aperture (f-stop), shutter speed, ISO, and how they all work together
  • Lighting, how to locate the best light
  • Lens suggestions
  • 30 min. of shooting time with discussion and questions
  • Ways to get your subjects to relax
  • The importance of capturing the candid moments and how to get them

What this workshop isn’t:

  • This is not a business workshop. We will not be discussing how to start a business.
  • We won’t go over advanced editing techniques with Photoshop. It is important to get it right in the camera first.
  • We will not discuss flash, strobe, or backdrop setups.
  • It is not Overwhelming.  There is SO much info out there, and many workshops cover 100 different things to learn in half a days time. By first learning the basics,  you can then move on to more advanced techniques.

Take home: 

  • Printed Say NO to Auto book with 3 basic steps to keep in your camera bag
  • New friendships with other local photography enthusiasts
  • Open email policy if you have questions after the workshop
  • Invitation to facebook forum with past workshop attendee’s
  • Confidence to go into the world and be a better photographer

The Details:


2 hour class

Class size limited. First come, first served.

**********EMAIL Kristen {kristenduke AT gmail.com} or fill out the contact form to sign up!********

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