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Ok, so THIS is the reason I went to Utah two weeks ago. My dear friend/”little sister” got married!  About 7 years ago, I was her youth leader at church, and we became really close and have stayed in regular contact.  I have included lots and lots of pictures in this post, for the sake of her and her family, so feel free to skim over if you’d like;)

I’ll start with our little girls night before the big day.   Downtown Salt Lake, she and I lounged in our hotel room with dual laptops and all our luggage before he headed out for a yummy dinner at PF Changs.  Turns out we share the same favorite dish:  Walnut Shrimp (you’ve gotta try it if you haven’t).  I also got Mongolian Beef and we shared both.  Nice variety, and she acted like it was the best meal of her life she was so happy.

Below, I circled my Say NO! to auto book.  I had a bunch printed for my Utah workshop, and brought her one to show her.  She was so excited to flip through it, I told her to just keep it.  She had big plans to learn how to put the principles to use.

Here we are, just the two of us.

Later that night, her roommate, Lakyn, joined us and sadly the 4th gal couldn’t make it.  The 3 of hit the local Wal-Mart just before midnight when it closed for various necessities.  Somewhere in the middle of that, I went to pick up my hubby at the airport. I am grateful he came in for this special day.  I had been there for days before him. Below is a shot of Kelsey getting her hair done from her future sister in law, Pam, while the men (my husband and Pam’s husband) bonded over sports chat amidst the chaos.  They laughed at being a part of the Bride’s portion of getting ready for a wedding (hair, eyelashes) because all men have to do is shower and get dressed.

I was running around, and my husband offered to iron my suitcase wrinkled dress.  What a man.

For those unaware, a Mormon Temple Wedding is different than others in that cameras cannot be taken inside, for the sacredness of the ceremony.  It is a small, intimate affair with close friends and family of about 40 and the “party” or reception is held later for the masses.   The sealing ceremony was beautiful.  Tears were shed, it was a happy place to be. After that, Kelsey was inside prepping to come out while I snapped some shots of the family waiting.  Now, this is where I add that I wasn’t actually the official photographer! These images below are just for my sake, that I will likely share with my friend. Though we had planned for a long time for me to photograph her wedding (as my gift), once she got engaged, she decided she wanted me to enjoy the day and be in the pictures.  So as she looked around at photographers, I told her if she wasn’t going to have me to do, she must have who I think is the best wedding photographer in Utah, Rebekah Westover.  I was delighted that she was available that day, and I helped with the early correspondence.

Below is Kelsey’s (new) sister in law with her little one.  I enjoyed getting to know Trisha, and wished I lived closer to craft and sew with her;)  She is expecting #3. Love her hair (and Pam’s).

Nikka, Kelsey’s “little sister” that flew in from Austin like me.  I’ve known Nikka since she was 13 and in braces, and she has grown up into a lovely young lady.  You’ll be seeing more of Nikka in this post as well as a post next week;)  She just graduated high school and headed to BYU.

Pam’s husband and little baby (whom Kelsey loves to kiss her cheeky cheeks).

Miss Rebekah doing her thing…

My awesome hubby holding my giant camera bag and purse;)  We had so much fun on this trip…its been a few years since we have had a little trip without kids.  So much uninterrupted conversation time!

Trisha again…

Pretty Nikka again…

Nikka’s brother and his wife and dad.   Nikka and her family are all really special to Kelsey, her spiritual family.  Rodney, below in glasses, baptized her when she was 17.

Kris (Steve’s other sister–he has 3) and Lakyn, the awesome roommate who stayed in the hotel with us and applied her eyelashes in the morning.  She’s headed out on an LDS mission in a few weeks–I think that is so awesome.

Here they come…

Kelsey hugging Luke and Joseph (while Jennifer watches on) her adopted little brothers.  They along with their family have been a guiding force in her life.

The Bountiful Utah Temple.

They had a lunch after at The Canterbury Place in Bountiful, but I took no pictures!  The next day, they had a reception in Vernal, which was a 4 hour drive for my hubby and I from my grandparents home in Ogden.  We drove there and back all in one day–LOTS of conversation time!

Below:  Kelsey and Jennifer.  Jen has been a spiritual mother to Kelsey for many years, and they have a great mother/daughter relationship. Jennifer’s husband, Rod, was also a very very spiritual example  for her.  He passed away last September.  He was felt immensely throughout this day.

Nikka, Jennifer, and Kelsey.

Cute Nikka again.  She was my comrad this night, I feel like I’m 17 when I get to chat with her, yet she seems much older than a teenager.

I am so glad I got to know Steve ahead of time.  They came out last September and stayed at my home for a few days, and then in early May when I came out we got to chat more.  He is such a good guy, and they work so well together.  I wish I knew what was going on in this picture (I love Kelsey’s face–very concerned about something).  Lets just say she is sad to see me go…;)

I sure do love this girl.

 Hubby and I drove back north through Park City in a snowstorm (May 28th).  It was an amazing trip, SO happy I went.

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    I love this. makes me happy to see the day documented

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    tricia dunlap says:

    you did a beautiful job documenting this wonderful day!!