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The Yogurt Experience

I have had a fun time working on this project, as it is something different for me. The Yogurt Experience is a fun little shop where you get to put the toppings on yourself. They weigh your cup and you pay by the ounces. My kids have loved piling lots of gummy bears and sprinklers, and I love that I can just get a cup full of fruit if I want! I’m weird in that I’m not the biggest fan of frozen treats, but I also love to get a cup full of just brownie and cheesecake bites that they offere here. Yummy!  Aren’t the colors in here so much fun?

Here is a bit more of an upclose look at the display.  10–20×20 prints mounted on a black hard board and attached with industrial strength velcro.

A close up of the board they are mounted on.

Locals–go become a fan of their shop on facebook.  Once they reach 500 fans, they are having a fan appreciation night–buy one get one free!
CLICK HERE to become a fan of The Yogurt Experience.  You can also get their address on the fan page, but it is right by the outlet malls (near Freebirds)–great location!  They are offering $1 off to those that read my blog or are my facebook fans, so go in and tell them Kristen sent you!

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  1. 1

    I love it! I love the idea and how it turned out. I wish we lived closer, I would totally be there!

  2. 2

    Really cool! All around! – The idea for the shop, (those build-your-own treats sound so tasty!) The shop itself, and your awesome photos! What a fun opportunity. :)

  3. 3

    Now you've made me hungry for yogurt! Love how your photos really add to the atmosphere of the shop!

  4. 4

    Love this, what a cute little shop. Great pictures!

  5. 5
    Michelle Wilkes says:

    Love the idea of putting on my own toppings. Cause I've always been more of a toppings than a yogurt/ice cream girl anyway!
    Love your work! (Did you get to eat the goodies when you were done photographing them? – these are the things us non-photographers wonder about:))

  6. 6
    shari berry bo-berry says:

    awesome work Kristen!!!!!!!! what a fun project to be a part of!!

    we have a ton of those types of yogurt shops down here…it's so trendy and fun and DELISH! :)

  7. 7
    The Jessee Journal says:

    what a fun project! I would love to have the chance to do something like that someday :D As for your question on the other blog, I don't have any other fruit prints done yet, but I'd love to see yours on your blog when your done! I love food photography :)