10 Food Ideas for April Fool’s Day

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I love celebrating random holidays like April Fool’s Day, because I take any chance I can to infuse a little fun into our daily family life. Last year, I borrowed a “for sale” sign from a realtor friend, and had a great time tricking my kids and neighbors that we were going to sell the house and move. Even more funny is that my brother-in-law thought it would be hysterical to then prank my realtor, and call her with an inquiry. Ha ha! It was great fun. I’ve made meatloaf cupcakes, peas out of starbursts, even got brown construction paper and cut out “E’s” for Brown-ies. I thought it would be fun to share 10 food ideas you can do this April Fools Day to have a little fun! Let me know in the comments your favorite…or one you think you might trick your family with!

10 Food Ideas for April Fools Day

In this round up, I’ve found ideas around the internet that I love. Click on the links below each image to be taken to the source, for more details and recipes.

10 Food Ideas for April Fools Day

Faux Fish Sticks

10 Food Ideas for April Fools Day

Fake Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Super Simple April Fools Day Prank Edible Kitty Litter

Edible Kitty Litter Dessert {with a how-to video}

10 Food Ideas for April Fools Day

Burger Bite Cookies

10 Food Ideas for April Fools Day

Pound Cake Lasagna

10 Food Ideas for April Fools Day

Pizza Cake

10 Food Ideas for April Fools Day

Chicken NOT Pie

10 Food Ideas for April Fools Day

KFC Bucket of Chicken

10 Food Ideas for April Fools Day

Meatloaf cupcakes and mashed potato frosting

10 Food Ideas for April Fools Day

French Fries Cake

Have you ever tried making any of these recipes before? I’d love to hear which one jumps out to you as something you may try to make on April Fools Day this year!

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  1. These are hilarious! I love humor in food. That chicken not pie…just perfect. Haha!

  2. These are so funny! My son would freak out at some of these 🙂 haha I love the fake fish stick.

  3. hey girl love the post!

  4. Thanks for including my burger bites in this fun post!

  5. I just love your idea, they are mind-blowing and a must try recipes. I am a baking enthusiast and these kinds of blogs motivate me too much.
    Keep sharing the awesome recipes!
    Thank you