I took a little trip

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I took a 36 hour trip to Utah last weekend…this is why:

My cute friend Kelsey went to the temple for the first time.  Here she is below with her fiance’, Steve.  Above, his parents, sisters, and Jennifer (who flew up with me) to be at the temple with her.  For those of you unfamiliar with my faith, the temple is a sacred place we go as a young adult to make covenants or promises with our Father in  Heaven.  To commit to live a faithful life.  For some FAQ on temples, click here.


About 7 years ago, I was a youth leader for the 16 and 17 year old girls when Kelsey was baptized a member of our church.  Since then, we have remained close.  The president of the Young Women at the time was Jennifer–her family has been an adoptive spiritual family for Kelsey.  Last fall, Jennifer lost her wonderful husband in a kayaking accident, and her husband was an amazing father figure for Kelsey.  Jennifer and I boarded a 6am flight Friday morning to head to Utah to be with Kelsey for this special day.

Jennifer met up with her sister while I spent the day with Kelsey.  Though I am 8 years older than her, it is easy to be together.  The past 2 years, we have been really close speaking quite regularly.  I have loved so much the sister frienship we have, and love that she still thinks my old self is fun to be around.  I look to her for fashion advice and I cracked up that day when I got warm and went to put my hair up she said–take your hair down right now–I guess she liked the long flowy curls.  I loved that she could talk sternly like that to me.  True frienship. We took a short trip to see the tulips at the Tulip Festival. I was slightly disappointed to a) pay $10 each and b) That it wasn’t FIELDS of tulips like they have in Holland.  But hey, I got a few fun pics.

I also really wanted to find an orchard with the lovely blooming trees, so we  found one and I took a few shots.

Kelsey’s fiance Steve insisted he take one of me IN the orchard–so here I am.  I love the snow capped mountain in the background.

Friday evening, I got to meet Steve’s family. Luckily, I got to meet him last September when he and Kelsey came down for the funeral of her surrogate father.  They stayed in my home for several days and I got the feeling then that he is a  GOOD guy.  They are great together.  His family is a lot of fun (two sisters have gorgeous red hair that I slightly covet) and this night was a little birthday party for the guy in blue.  Adults can enjoy pinata’s, too, right?  Steve kept moving the pinata as he swung…

Dad smashed it away and I got a shot right as it happened.

A little cuddle shot with their niece…

Oh. my…the beauty on his sisters street in the foothills of Salt Lake.

Saturday morning, we headed to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. Then a big lunch after, before I was dropped off at the airport at 3pm to fly back  home.

 It was such an amazing day.  Tears filled my eyes as I thought about Kelsey’s journey to get here, and how blessed I felt to be a part of it in a small way.  She will do great things in life.  Will be a fabulous mother.  I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.  I’ll go back in 3 weeks when she will marry that boy.

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  1. So beautiful!! I love that temple 🙂 And what a wonderful reason to come to Utah for such a short time! She is such a beautiful woman – she really shines with the Spirit!

  2. Ah, seeing those pictures makes me miss home. I will be able to visit there soon though. Your pictures are gorgeous! And you look so pretty in them! Such a fun visit for you!

  3. What a great trip! How neat that you got to be there for that special occasion! Love the pics—especially the orchard with the snowy mountain.

  4. What a fun and fast trip!! That picture of the snow capped mountain with the out of focus branches in the foreground is breathtaking!!! So fresh and beautiful.

  5. Such a fun weekend! Love all your pictures!