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Valentine’s ideas are in the air! Today I’ve got a bunch of my bloggy friends together sharing 60 DIY Valentine Ideas! Scroll to the bottom of this post to see all 60 ideas!

Valentine Free Printable


Now, for my fun little idea:

Something I love to give as a gift is a gift of thoughtfulness. My husband is really good at writing cards and letters with specifics on how he loves me, like saying how grateful he is for great family meals I prepare, or watching me mother our children in certain ways. It really means a lot to me, so I thought I’d create this easy Valentine note you can give,  a 5 Things I Love about You Valentine. I shared a similar note as a “free birthday gift idea” with a list of 10 things. Birthdays need 10.

Valentine's Gift idea

I’ve got a boy version and a girl version, and it can be for your spouse, mother, sister, friend, or kids. It actually isn’t Valentine’s Day specific, though it is filled with hearts and love.

Here is a sample of the more boy-ish version.

Free Printable Valentine

Click here to download: 5 Things – Blue

Valentines Day gift Idea

Click here to download: 5 Things RED

5 things I Love Valentine gift idea

For more of the Valentine’s printable ideas I’ve shared recently, here are a few. Click on the links below each image.

valentine gift idea

Lucky Charms Valentine

Valentine Printable

Starburst Valentine Printable

Valentine's jokes for kids

Kids Love Jokes or Valentine’s

Here are more Valentine’s Ideas I’ve got on my site:

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Valentine’s Desserts // 5 Things I love about You Valentine’s // You’re Sweet Valentine Print

To see all 60 ideas, scroll below. Click on the image that you want to see closer and visit that site. PIN your favorites so others can see, too!

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