9 Summer Boredom Busters for Teen Boys

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These 9 Summer Boredom Busters for Teen Boys will hopefully keep them occupied doing something creative for a bit.  So many crafts for girls, this is catered to the older boys.

9 Summer boredom busters for teen boys. | Capturing-Joy.com

These 9 Summer Boredom Busters are perfect for getting the guys in your house off their screens and outside engaging with each other.  Keep these handy for the days when they just can figure out what to do with their time.

Boys like to be creative too, just in a different way.  From games to artwork, I’ve gathered a good variety of ideas I think they will enjoy.

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Make your own life size Angry Birds and get them working together with a water balloon launcher.


If you are traveling this summer these Road Trip Games for Teens are good to have on hand.


Have them build a Rocket Stove and use it while camping.


Cool off by making their own Sour Worm Popsicles.


Having friends over? Show them this Red Cup Challenge.


Do your boys like to camp? Send them to camp with a pillow case you don’t mind gets dirty by having them make their own Tie Dye Pillow Case.


Outdoor Boredom Busters for Teen Boys



Make an backyard game like this large yard dice game.


Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag for summer night time fun.


Make artwork with Exploding Paint Bombs!

Which one of these boredom busters for teen boys are you ready to try out first?

You can also have them help you give their room a makeover. We recently gave our boys a soccer room makeover.

Or if you are feeling up to having a summer party at your home here are some ideas and activities that don’t take much prep.

11 Teen Party Ideas and Activities that dont take much prep

Which of the above are you going to share with your boys?

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