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Do you sometimes find yourself WISHING that the grocery store line was super long so you can look through the magazines while you are waiting?  Please tell me I’m not alone. I LOVE a good “informational” magazine. I am very interested in the lives of others, and celebrities intrigue me–so what?!? Early in our marriage, my husband thought my love for PEOPLE magazine was unhealthy.  I am pretty sure he thought I was comparing myself to the people inside, and that they all romped around scantily clad inside. But I informed him that that is completely not the case. I can appreciate without coveting. Sometimes, I’ll observe the fashion trends, and incorporate that into my life on a more affordable scale.

I don’t always purchase the mags unless I’m going on a trip. My favorite is on an airplane or long drive, but I also like to gram ’em when I know I’ll be sitting for a while. A few of my neighbors have a subscription and will often pass them off to me a week or so later. That’s  kinda nice.

This week I picked up People Style Watch December at TARGET, and noticed that when I bought that and December InStyle Magazine at the same time, I’d get a $5 Target gift card at checkout. Woohoo! So it was kinda like buy one get one free. (This deal ends Dec. 7th so run out today if you want to get the same deal!)


It’s not all about the clothes that celebrities are wearing, but great make up and everyday fashion tips, along with the best bra’s and shape-wear for your body type. I liked this section on the collar necklaces. I’ve seen them pop up online, but it was nice to see the variety of styles all in one spot. Something to watch out for:

magazine article


Some i-candy like these colorful bags (that’d I’d never get from COACH, but I’m sure I could find a knock off).


I brought ’em outside one  to flip through while watching my kids play with the neighbors, and my friends and I ended up flipping through them together.  I enjoy that more than alone because I find my friend notice things that I wouldn’t normally. We like to sit outside and chat while the kids play, I’m so lucky to have a great bunch of gals near me (that I often call on to borrow kitchen ingredients when I’m in a pinch).


My neighbor said she wanted them when I was done, but it’s gonna be a while because they are THICK and filled with lots of fun tidbits.

After seeing all the sparkle and sequins in the mag, I applied it to myself and found these adorable flats at Target!


If you like a little light reading like me, head to Target and you can get this double magazine deal through December 7th. You can also follow these mags on twitter to find out about future copies @StyleWatchMag and @InStyle.

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™, but all my opinions are my own.

Do you ever pick up these style magazines?

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  1. I’m with you! I love to browse the magazines when I’m alone and in line at Target.

  2. I grabbed the same shoes in pewter!:b

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Oh, I loved those, too!!! I already have a silver pair, so I thought I wouldn’t duplicate and got the gold.

  3. I am a complete sucker for magazines too! I think I’ve been reading People every week for almost 10 years, crazy as that sounds to me ha. I would love to be able to pull up some chairs outside and read with friends, you’re a lucky girl! 🙂

    • Kristen Duke says:

      I love the People mag! You are updated on the Hollywood scene after 10 years! My magazine reading time is cut down with so much computer time! I am blessed to have great neighbors;)