A Week of Embarrassing Stories

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I’m not afraid to lay myself out there and tell some silly stories in order to get a good laugh and in the name of authenticity. I was recently filling out a little survey about myself and one of the questions was, to share an embarrassing story. I thought and thought, but ultimately, I was stumped. I’m sure there were some, but nothing came to mind. I thought, who better to ask than my family and closest friends that knew me “way back when.” I also thought these stories would be some great guest posts as I head out on an adventure with my family for Spring Break. I sent out an email to said loved ones several weeks ago, and I only had to pull a few teeth gently remind a few of them….a few times;) But really, I know life is busy and waxing nostalgic can be emotionally taxing…I know that from my love story entries. So if you ever wanted to know about Kristen Duke more than my “about me” page, here is your chance.


Funny thing is, I asked said loved ones to share embarrassing or silly stories about me, and a few got mushy mushy about me. That was not my intention, but I’m just copying and pasting their words…and adding some pictures.

family pictures



Since the stories are now published, you can find them here:

my older brother Ryan

Younger brother Russell

Youngest brother Kirk

Rachel and Kim: Sisters in law

Alayna: Sister in law

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  1. Jacqueline says:

    Sounds like fun!


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