Alaska Say No to Auto Workshop

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I’m home from my Alaskan adventure, and I have SO much to share! But first, the reason I went on this excursion, to help some folks learn to Say No to Auto!  I am SO SO grateful to Katie Cannon for hosting for me, and for rallying a bunch of her friends to join in the fun. She is an amazing photographer in the Northern Anchorage area, with the desire to want to help her friends capture more beautiful images.  She’s in the orange shirt and green pants below. You will see more of her (I took her family pictures on a breathtaking mountain top), and she actually took a bunch of these pics of me below. I was also thrilled to have my hubby attend the workshop.  All of the other times, he is watching our kids, and I had been daydreaming/excited for him to finally attend and learn some tricks on the camera.  He picked up quick (I knew he would–men are so much more technical brained) and I know he had lots of fun. Here is the group of the great ladies I got to rub shoulers with.

We sat outside on Katie’s porch for a while the weather was so lovely!
Not sure what I’m doing below, bu my hubby took this shot as I was explaining a concept.  I think it was the rule of thirds….
I love how he used his foreground to frame his shot with the hanging plant above. He was really listening when I did my TV segment. It’s become a running joke in conversation when shooting.
He looks irritated above, but I’m pretty sure he’s just concentrating on the complex mathematical equations I’m explaining 😉

Transformer shot taken by my hubby–nice bokeh!  He really was listening. He even took the group shots without me adjusting anything–it’s SO exciting for ME because he’s understanding more of what I love.

It was a really great workshop, and it was such a terrific group! Alaska chicks rock!

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  1. You two make such a cute couple! And reading your stories about how you got together makes me like your couple shots even more! 🙂

  2. Kristen, You are so kind!! I am so glad you and Michael could join us in AK!! Thank you so much for even considering to make Anchorage one of your stops:) Also, thank you for being just as cool in person as you seem on your blog 😉 I look forward to our new friendship!!

  3. also…. my ah ha moment was was not from a technical standpoint, but rather the order in how I first adjust my settings. I realize that I adjust my shutter speed first depending on what I’m shooting.

  4. I’m sure having hubby by your side made your trip to Alaska even more awesome! Looks like you had a nice size class. That makes your trip paid for, right? 🙂 So glad you visited my neck of the woods and that I had the opportunity to meet you in person. Can’t wait to hear and see more about your trip.

  5. Kristen,

    It was so great to meet you! I remember contacting you back in October, after you’d done a portrait session on a family moving to Alaska and I commented I wished you were some day able to take my family’s portraits. So glad that you came and were able to do so!

    I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. While I purchased the Say No to Auto book in February 2011, I was still using my camera in Aperture priority mode. The class really helped me be able to go fully to auto, and I have to say that it really allowed me to connect the dots. My pictures have gotten so much better, just since last week. I also enjoyed a couple hours of time for myself. Thank you for coming here, hope you all loved it and will someday return!


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