Andes Mint Cookies

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I served these at my first beginners workshop, and some have asked for the recipe.  I thought for sure I had posted this before, but can’t seem to find it.  I cannot take credit for this, as it was shared by a friend a few years ago, but I make them often because they are very easy, no fail, and super delish! I made this little card for a recipe exchange, feel free to save and print as a 4×6 picture.

As for the cupcakes…I used a lemon cake mix and added some pudding and sour cream. Then made lemon cream cheese frosting and squeezed some fresh lemon juice into both.  I then infused some raspberry jam into the middle.

Only 3 spots left for the Austin beginners workshop.  5 for San Antonio;)

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  1. Is that recipe from Marianne Lloyd, who lived in Kansas and was married to the late Rich Lloyd? Small world, if it is!

  2. Kristen Duke says:

    Elena–YES! Marianne began the obsession. I need to add her name…;)

  3. I just HAD to make these – snowed in, all the ingredients on hand, why not??!! DELICIOUS!! : ) Thanks!