Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

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When I was growing up,  my church would often share thoughtful quotes called MormonADs with images in the youth magazine we’d get each month. One of my very favorites (from 1986) that I had a poster hanging in my room was this Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful quote and scripture from 1 Samual 16:7 which says, “the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.”

It’s the idea that there is a lot of beauty in this world, but we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others, we need to see our own beauty and recognize how special and unique we each are. This is a message I wanted my girls to realize as well, so I set out to create this idea…but modernize it a bit with the colors of their room, of course.

I asked one of my favorite Digital Art Creators, Kiki from Kiki & Company to create this for me. I told her what I wanted, and she produced it exactly! I LOVE it!

home decor

The problem is that in the final stages of the Girls Room Makeover, I realized there was so much going on, and I needed just one solid color for this printable on the wall. So, I changed the image to one solid color as I did with the above the bed shots I made (tutorial on that link) and made it all purple.

beatiful print

Today, I’ve got BOTH prints available to download as a FREE PRINTABLE–yahoo! They are made as 16×20’s, which is the same ratio as an 8×10 print. I printed mine at Sams Club for $6 (make sure you check the “do not color correct” option).

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful 4 colors 16×20

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful Purple 16×20

{After opening up the files above, click file–save as, then save to your computer}

If you want a different solid color, just follow the instructions I shared in yesterdays post on how to turn your images into one solid color. Now, whenever you find a free printable online, but it doesn’t match your color scheme, you can customize it just like this…exciting!!

I glued the print to a 16×20 canvas, and added some purple pom pom trim around the edges. The girls think it looks EXTRA fancy!

free printable

I’d love to see if you print them up!

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