Before & After~My rockin’ chair

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This is a different before & after than you might expect from yesterdays post…something a little more light. (Maybe someday I’ll have a great before and after of me).  I found this blog the other day called Better After that features only before & afters, and I thought I had several things I could share in that light.  First off, is my rocking chair.  It really isn’t anything exciting in the way of a breakthrough craft or diy project, but I am pretty excited about the transformation.  I did this last summer, and figured I’d share it when I shared my gameroom reveal, but  that may not happen for a while, I got sidetracked on a few other projects.

I SWEAR I took some real “before” pictures, but I have searched my computer high and low and only found this one shot where it was a full room shot that  I zoomed in and cropped it closer.  It makes the quality go down quite a bit, and for those just looking at the picture and not this well formed sentence I am typing will be like, “she calls herself a photographer–yikes.”  Ha!  Just kidding…maybe. I used the same green paint as I did for my armoire, and fun navy blue & green fabric that are also on my drapes in that room.

Let me tell you a little story about this rocking chair.  This was the first major purchase in our marriage.  I had been married about 8 months and was 6 months pregnant (how do you like that math?) and we had just moved across the country from California to Delaware. I knew I needed a fancy glider rocker for my first born, and when I saw an ad at K-mart for $99, we ran.  What’s funny, is we stood there a LONG time because a hundred bucks was a lot to us.  I mean, other gliders at Babies R Us were $250, so this was a DEAL!  There was a sample up on a shelf that we couldn’t try out, so we bought the box and assembled it at  home.

{pic scanned from my scrapbook page: check out the date stamp in the bottom right corner. I have so many comments about this pic 1) night stand is a box with fabric over it, pantry storage on the bottom shelf, baby pictures torn from magazines taped to my wall that went up as I anticipated my baby’s arrival, and duck-ville.  I used to really like ducks and that was the theme in my baby room.}

I didn’t really realize it at the time, but, yeah…it’s a pretty crappy rocker. The arms were hard, and later my mom made arm pads that tied on to them.  Straight back, so not comfortable like those other gliders that contour in a little. But it stayed with us…for 8 years…and 3 babies. Til I got another cheap rocker that swiveled, rocked, AND reclined.  Still not so comfy, but hey! I couldn’t quite part with this child o’ mine, but my hubby said we didn’t need 2.

Fortunately, my neighbor, Clair, was in need of a rocker, so I gave it to her.  It’s always easier to give something sentimental away to someone you love, instead of Good Will (which I do plenty of).  ANWAY, when I was about to move away from Clair, she informed me that the rocker had been in her garage, and they planned to take it to Good Will unless I wanted it back.  After a brief pause for thought, I realized I would have more space in our new home for such furniture, and we were in the process of shoving things in a moving truck, so why not take the rocker along–you know, so we could have a spot to sit in our newly acquired game room.

Hubby gave me the look, but I looked away.

{Just a look at the back so you can see my fine handy work}

{my lovely assistant}

For one year it sat in my gameroom as the only seat. Then I realized I could make it pretty, I got SO much more excited about it! Does this chair not rock?!?  Somehow, it seems more comfortable now that it’s cute and colorful.

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  1. I love all the canned goods in the bottom of the yellow bookcase! I had to laugh at “my hubby gave me THE look, but I looked away” — I do that all the time! I think the chair is awesome! I’m rethinking some of our furniture around here…

  2. very cute! did you replace the whole padding to the chair, or just the fabric? love it! you’ve inspired me to maybe do that to my uncomfortable rocker 🙂

  3. Great job! It looks pretty and happy and young. 🙂

  4. Wow! What a transformation! I LOVE the color you chose, and the fabric is gorgeous! What a beautiful new piece! Great job Kristen!

  5. SOO CUTE!!! Makes me want to add redoing my own rocker to my million mile long to-do list! How did you do the cushion? You did a great job.

  6. I love the change. It looks so cute now!

  7. Jacqueline says:

    Pretty impressive! It’s so fun to take sad-looking things and give them a new life!

  8. Thanks everyone! The cushions are just covered in the existing fabric.