Black Leather Pants

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I got some black leather pants, and I pretty much love them. Maybe because I feel like I am walking on the wild side, but they are pretty comfortable as well–felt like pajama’s. They seem to fancify the outfit, too, would you say?

black leather pants

I wore them with my new ankle boots that I talked about in this post. And red lipstick. Gotta wear red lipstick with black leather pants. Maybe they are pleather, probably not REAL leather, they were $40 at H&M. I got ’em because I was supposed to take a trip to New York. Of course black leather pants must be worn in New York. But the trip got cancelled, and I decided to keep the pants.

leather pants

I asked my husband what he thought of them, and he got a flirty smile on his face. He mentioned the “black leather” association and I said I prefer to think of a motorcyclist.

ankle boots and leather pants

I got the top at Ann Taylor LOFT outlet.

I wore this outfit to our church Christmas breakfast, out shopping at Costco, then to an evening Christmas party. {Sometimes I share my outfits and link up to The Pleated Poppy where others share their outfits, in hopes that we inspire each other.}

Maybe I was feeling rebellious, or maybe I just wanted something different and sassy. Either way, they are mine to keep, and I pretty much LOVE them!

Would you wear black leather pants?

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  1. I font have leather pants, but now I want a pair!!

  2. Seriously lovin that outfit, way to work it!

  3. I think if I dropped a few,maybe 30 lbs, I would love to get a pair of leather pants. They look cute on you BTW.

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Thank you! I don’t know that I’d have done it before my weight loss, and honestly..there are angles…I’m not so fond of looking at these images…

  4. You could wear a garbage bag and still look adorable! Cute as always!!! The black pants really do look great on you. I may be headed to the MOA to get a pair!!!

  5. Love the outfit!! It looks great!! I think you wear leather pants any where as long you put the right top and accessories with it.

  6. Great look…..ladies, coming from a guy….. leather pants are very attractive. Personally I like the 5 pocket jean style pants in lambskin on a woman. has great prices and products. I wear black or brown leather jeans when going out and on the motorcycle.

  7. Thanks for sharing such a nice information with us. Please keep on posting so that I can keep myself updated.