Book of Mormon Doctrinal Mastery Cards

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These Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery Cards (Doctrinal Mastery) are mostly for those who teach or participate in the seminary program for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints a.k.a. The Mormons. But also for families wanting to memorize some scriptures!

Book of Mormon Scripture Doctrinal Mastery

The Book of Mormon Scripture Doctrinal Mastery Cards are great picture visuals for learning the scriptures. I used a new designer for this set than I used for the Old Testament Scripture Mastery and the New Testament Scripture Mastery, the designs are not as elaborate and detailed. Because of that, I’m charging less. The other sets are $10, this set is $5.

I wanted the focus to be more about the words, and less about the pictures, so the designs reflect that. There are 2 scriptures that I already had made to share on my site.  They are included in the set, but you can also download them for free here:

Included in the $5 price are 2 PDF’s. One is each scripture on it’s own 8.5×11 paper, that I print and hang around my classroom. I put them up on the wall on a week by week basis, as we are studying that scripture. I assign the kids a devotional to talk about that scripture as well, as it goes up.

The second PDF is a smaller version of each scripture.  These 4 to a page cards are perfect for students.  Encourage them to hang them on their bedroom wall or use them as a scripture bookmark.

Printable Book of Mormon Scripture Cards


You can either print out the color version, or I have given them the black and white version (to saving on ink) and they will color it in class as they come in each week.

As an alternative, you can text the class the color version and suggest they save it to their phone, maybe their lock screen, as it’s worked on each week.

Even though the emphasis is no longer to memorize, I still encourage it.

Whether you have a child enrolled in seminary, teach seminary, or just want to memorize scriptures in your home, these are great, colorful sets that will surely help! PIN the above for later, check out the other sets below, or go ahead and purchase for $5 the Book of Mormon set now.


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