Build Your Own Kitchen Table

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We’ve got a new kitchen table! I’m grateful for my handy husband, making my vision a reality. Today, I share with you how to Build Your Own Kitchen Table, and the barstools we purchased to go with it.  We’ve done many DIY projects around here, and I’m happy this one is done!

Build your own kitchen table

When my husband and I got married 17 years ago, we were dirt poor. We lived in a basement apartment, and we both walked for graduation 4 months later, I was barely expecting our first child. My grandparents kindly gifted us a kitchen table and chairs that were hand-me-downs to them, and that’s what we’ve used in our home all these years. It’s been perfect, I painted it a few years ago, but with our growing children, it just felt so small.  We had been devising our plan for months (and thinking about it for years) and we finally decided on what we wanted.

Build Your Own Kitchen Table

I’ve always loved the square tables, and we wanted height, so we knew we would have to get rid of our previous chairs. I was quite delighted when we found the perfect kitchen stools at World Market. They have quite the selection of dining chairs, and I’ve always loved their furniture selection. Here is the table with the stools, and set all nice and pretty like it NEVER is, except Thanksgiving.

Here were my top criteria for the table:

  • tall
  • square
  • white
  • seamless top

He came through on all of them, the seamless top was the hardest part.  I’m not great at giving plans or step by step of construction because I’m not the builder. Here are some tips from my husband:

Supplies to build this table:

  • 4 1x16x6 paint graded panel
  • 4 4×4 cedar cut to desired length
  • 10 1x4x8 select pine
  • 1 2x4x6 raw cedar
  • Kreg portable pocket screw jig
  • lots of screws
  • 4 surface mount corner brackets
  • 4 steel hanger bolts
  • installation drill bit

Here are some pictures of picking out the wood at Home Depot

prepping wood for building dining table

Then a process shot of under the table

make dining table

Here is an up close look at the Kreg jig pockets

kreg jig drill hole

I love this picture, but also get overwhelmed by all the tools it takes to build!

how to build a dining table

I asked my husband to type up tips on how to put it together, and it was all he could do to give me the supply list! Please ask questions if you have specifics, and if I don’t see it in the comments, send me a direct email through the contact form on my site.

It sat in the garage for a bit, we hired a painter because I didn’t want to mess it up, then it cured in the garage for a few more weeks before we moved it inside.  Besides my awesome-ness of a husband, I’ve got two super strong teen boys to work as my own personal moving team.

moving giant table inside

moving kitchen table

Here is a good look at the stool up close:

One final shot of the table and stools:

metal stools and DIY table

Here are some of the supplies we used

I partnered with World Market, and received the bar stools, but all opinions are my own, I LOVE them!

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