Capture the Joy in front of the Lens #2

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Last week, I was walking my kids to school and my sweet neighbor Marissa was in the hallway (waiting for me to go on our walk) and captured this moment with her phone:

It was so thoughtful of her, and just seeing this image brings a tear to my eye at a moment captured that I couldn’t very easily re-create. I’ve got 3 kids in elementary school, and when I part with the boys, I give them a high five.Ā  This is my second son and I in the middle of that high five, and I just love it! Yes, I look rough, but it’s a real, raw moment, and I will cherish this.

Please share the captured moments with me below! Post a picture on your blog, share with others you are contributing over here, then link up.Ā  I’ll feature my faves on Saturday.


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  1. I love this picture of normal life for you, Kristen, and no, you don’t look rough šŸ™‚

  2. Great shot!

  3. Like the high-five idea. I can see a kid fighting high-fives less than a hug. Ya know, when they’re trying to be cool and all. šŸ™‚ You look great, Kristen!

  4. Kristen Duke says:

    Yes, Marcia, it is normal life! Rach–my girl still wants me to kiss her when we part…i’ll let her lead with the farewells…