Capture the Joy…in front of the Lens~Get Together #1

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I decided to start this link get together the day after Mother’s Day, hoping that if any day the mother’s would get in pictures with their children, it was this weekend! This project is about getting out from behind the camera and getting in some pictures with your family. This is not just for the mothers of young children, but for grandmothers, or those that are not mothers. It’s just a weekly reminder to be present, so that you will remember better later. The plan is to do this every Monday (as long as people keep coming), so think about it throughout the course of the week and jump in a picture of two, then blog it, and link it here on Mondays. If you want ideas of what to take pictures of, see the button on my left sidebar for my list of 100 ideas, but just smiling and looking at the camera works, too!

Here are my kids and I yesterday on Mother’s Day. I stop hoping for the perfect shot, and enjoy seeing the candid moments. All of these were taken with my hubby’s phone. It isn’t about the quality of the images I’m looking to see, but just the moments captures.

 My hubby did a great job of planning out meals from my pinterest food board (per my suggestion–I sent him the page and they got to pick and surprise me), organizing a talent show, presenting hand made cards, having them rub my feet/play with my hair…it was very sweet (though the foot massage left a little to be desired). I said all I wanted was a clean house and good food, and they made that happen.

Then after church, I gave him my “big camera” to take a few of me and my babies…and yes, sometimes he groans at my requests when I ask him to take a bunch so I can get a good one…

But I’m very glad he’s still willing. I’m so grateful to be a mother, and I want my children to know that–by seeing me in pictures loving them and being happy in their presence. They deserve that.

I’d love you to share a picture on your blog of you with your loved ones, add my button to the bottom of your post or link back so others can see and play along, and link up (the post, not your main site) below. Share a story with  your moment, or just a picture… I can’t wait to see! I’ll post a few of my favorites on Saturday–based on the emotion and how they made me smile;)

Capturing the Joy in Life

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  1. Hey girl!

    I love this idea… I just linked up and shared your party on my FB page! Can’t wait to see all the photos.

    Have a delicious week my friend!

  2. HA! “a little to be desired”

    love this idea and reminder to get in the pics too!

  3. Yay! I’m so glad you’re getting this started! I haven’t posted any pictures with my kids lately, so I’m linking up my post from last mother’s day. I hope that’s ok!!! Love ya!

  4. ps- your kids are ADORABLE!!! looks like they treated you like a queen 🙂

  5. I love this idea & I’m excited that you’re doing it 🙂
    So glad you left a comment inviting me to participate, because I might not have thought of linking up- now I will have to remind myself to get photos every week! 🙂 I hope this helps motivate me!!

  6. I love this series! I need to get a post written so I can take part in it. 🙂 I LOVE all the pictures of you & your family. Beautiful!