Capture the Joy~ReVamped

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If you’ve been following my blog for a little while, you might remember last May, I introduced “Capture the Joy” in front of the lens to encourage moms to get out from behind the camera and in pictures with their kids. Well, the idea was a big link up party and it sorta fizzled.  Then I wanted to crawl in a little corner and forget I ever tried to do it because I think just one person linked up that last time. In order to get something going and off the ground with momentum, it takes lots of reminders! I didn’t want to be a nag, but I wanted the concept to be engrained into the minds of moms everywhere to stop being so self conscious and get. in. pictures. The work behind the concept for YOU was tedious…take picture…post to your blog…remember to link up to mine.  So it makes sense to me that it fizzled, even though I know people loved the idea.  I found a simpler solution.

I’m changing it up to make it easier because I still do feel passionately about this. I know lots of people out there have smart phones and Instagram has taken the world by storm.  I personally LOVE it!   Now, just by taking the  pic and using the hash, it links up to this post. The hashtag is still the same #capturethejoy and now when you hashtag those pics, they will show up in a feed on my site as well as on IG under the hash.

I’m just going to be here to send you weekly reminders to Capture the JOY with your loved ones. It doesn’t have to be kids, but it has to be YOU in a picture with those that you love (pet, parents, kids, etc.)  Since I don’t post much on weekends, I’ll have this up each Saturday and also post on my Instagram to remind you to do the same!  I may just feature a few faves, too.

Got it? Good.

{P.S. I got this fabulous IG link up idea from my friend at Brassy Apple who is doing a fun style reFashion idea each month (this month is scarves and accessories). Her hash is #ispyrefashion, read more about it here. }


So today being Saturday, it’s your reminder to BE IN PICTURES, and to hash (on IG or twitter) #capturethejoy so others can see your joy. You can hash any day of the week, and check the site because you’ll see your pics in Saturdays post no matter when you link it during the week. You can even go right now to older pics that apply and add the hashtag in the comments to as many as you’d like! The most recent tagged shows at the top. IG, FB, TW, or Pin it if you want to help me spread the word. (If you have a private IG account, I don’t think your images will show in the feed). Ready, go!

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  1. LOVE doing it this way! Great idea!!

  2. juliedukecannon says:

    This is incredible! GREAT idea! I’m kind of amazed by technology, ya know? So cool that it automatically shows up in the feed here!

  3. Is there another option to link up the pics?
    I don’t have a cell phone.

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Alli, I’m so sorry, it’s the best way to reach the most people. I think if you have a twitter account and upload a pic and use the hashtag, that it will work too! Crossing my fingers it does for you;)

  4. I am SO in!

  5. I love this! I’m so joining in!