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I love blogging.  I love to purge my thoughts and share the fun things I am doing because I also love to read what others are doing and be inspired.  Inspired to be a better mother, homemaker, artist, and friend.  To think that people care to read my blog, is quite humbling.   And when I hear from those reading that they were inspired by something I shared, makes me overjoyed!  I LOVE reading others blogs, and I love to leave a comment to say I stopped by.  Honestly, I comment 95% of the time I go to a blog and love an idea shared.  My most favorite phrase if I don’t know what to say is “love it!” and I worry people will start to catch on to me and think its less genuine, but I remind myself that I am mainly telling them…I stopped by.  Yes, its 20 extra seconds, but its  important to me.  I told one of my BFF’s about her blog, if I don’t leave a comment, I didn’t read it. I have been SO busy lately, I haven’t been able to read much…I miss it and want to read more…maybe in January.  Just this week, I read a great post from Lara at Less Cake…More Frosting (it was shared ALL over facebook, how could I ignore it?) about the importance of support (funny bra analagy, too) and a sense of community in the blogosphere, and just letting people who share their ideas know you appreciate it.

SO I am going to (snail) MAIL a thank you gift to those that commented on a post OR on a facebook thread (“likes” doesn’t count) in the month of November to show MY appreciation for you being a part of this blogging journey with me.  It’s small…but I think it’s fun! I’m not going to look up who did, but if you did, email me through the contact form above your mailing address.  I’ve got a little token of my appreciation coming to your REAL mail box;)  Just to say thanks for the feedback/validation/thanks for sharing/kind words, etc.  Because I like to hear from you.  I like to know where you live, and that your kids/family/friends enjoyed something I shared.

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It will not be wrapped like this…but we can all pretend;)

Disclaimer:  I do not write this to beg for more comments, simply to say that I appreciate those that do. I recognize it’s a fine line.

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  1. That is a really sweet thing to do! Such a fun way to giveback to your readers! And if you can wrap it like that–you are my hero. 🙂

  2. I’m so bad at this… ever since I put all my blogs on a reader, I haven’t commented on many blogs — and I’ve noticed that I don’t get many comments on my blog as well! I know people are reading, and many of my friends have commented to me in real life about things on my blog — but I think it’s a good reminder to let people know “hey! I stopped by!” I’m slowly getting tired of getting the spam comments by people who are learning English and telling me my blog is awesome, and do I want to learn how to get more readers. LOL

  3. I’ve never commented here before…but I stop in here almost everyday…and I LOVE your photography. It inspires me. If you ever have a workshop within a few hours of me, I will be there 🙂

  4. What an awesome idea! Have to say I love your blog! Just got your e-book and am loving it too!!! Thanks

  5. I have commented and love your photos! You are totally inspiring and really makes me wish I lived somewhere warmer where it’s a bit easier to get some photos outside during the cold months in Nebraska!

  6. I tried to recruit you to come to Cali for your workshop, does that count? Can’t remember when I last commented here. Maybe September since I’ve been slowly changing my wall decor. I’ll be the first to admit there’s a fine line between inspiration and obsession. My hubby would be the second to agree to that. 😉

  7. I only commented on you child’s birthday and I live in Spain, so no need to send me anything 😉 I love your blog, I love your pictures and I do not know how you manage it all!!

  8. I’m bad at this. I should be better. I read your blog all the time, but I think the only comment I made in November was on your giveaway. Oops, sorry!

  9. Guilty! :s I read and learn cool tips and tricks on blogs, and don’t leave some love! You’re right, its just a couple extra seconds to leave a comment and I’ll be working on it!

    I love reading your posts and seeing your work-photography and extracurricular activities-helping youth.

  10. I thoroughly enjoy following your blog… a daily one at that!

  11. I read way more than I comment as well! That needs to change! Thanks for your genorosity and Merry Christmas!

  12. Oops I forgot to say that I am almost 100% sure I commented last month!

  13. I left a comment on your Son’s b-day last month 🙂 i love photography for a hobby right now, i still have a lot to learn and i love looking at your blog to be inspired by your amazing skills 🙂 Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  14. What a sweet thing for you to do! Thanks so much:) Your photography inspires me to learn more with my camera. Thanks for the inspiration!