Couples Halloween Party

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Throwing a Couples Halloween Party can be one of the most memorable ways to celebrate the spooky holiday. Treats, games, and couples costumes, make the perfect combination for a fun and festive night.

halloween party for couples

Party Decorations

Select a theme that sets the mood for the evening. Whether it’s classic monsters, a favorite horror movie, or a whimsical fairytale, a theme can tie all the elements of your party together. Browse my Halloween Pinterest Board for some cute Halloween ideas, rather than creepy ones. Here are some ideas of what kind of decorations to use.

  • Paper hanging lanterns
  • Streamers
  • Balloons
  • Banners
  • Feaux Spiderwebs
  • Pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns
halloween party decoration ideas

Party Favor and Game

One year I collected pictures from each guest dressed up for Halloween as kids. I framed it next to their partner and it became a party favor. However, this was not just a cute gift, we played “Guess Who?” with the pictures. As everyone arrived at the party, they guessed who each person was. Whoever got the most correct won a prize. It was so fun to see our friends as kids!

halloween party guest matching game

Halloween Trivia

Halloween themed Trivia is the perfect party game! We rewarded the couple with the most correct with a prize as well.

Trivia download

halloween trivia

Halloween Photobooth

Having a backdrop for a photobooth is such a fun way to make your memories a keepsake! As a photographer here are some tips for doing a photobooth.

  • Try not to make the backdrop too colorful, you want the costumes to be the focal point.
  • Try and get the photos back to the couple as soon as you can.
  • Take pictures at the beginning of the party, that way the costumes are fresh and potentially not ruined after games.
couples halloween costume

Halloween Party Food

Delicious, themed, food has the power to really enhance a party. CLICK HERE for recipes to Halloween themed party dishes.

TIP: If providing food for a large group of people is overwhelming to you, create a sign-up link to send along with the invitations. Have options of sides, desserts, main dishes, etc. This way everyone can bring something. You can even send out recipes to help your guests.

halloween party food

Halloween Get-To-Know-You Game

When gathering a group a friends, it’s important to build and maintain those relationships. Get-to-know-you games are a perfect way to do so.

  • Storytelling: Create a list of prompts that are Halloween related. Each person gets 1 minute to answer a prompt of their choice. Some examples are stories about broken bones, favorite Halloween candy, most embarrassing costume of their childhood etc.
  • Would You Rather: This is a fun one with couples, you can add a twist and make partners guess what the other would choose.
adult halloween party games

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to send out physical invitations, or can I use digital ones?

You can choose between physical or digital invitations based on your preference and convenience. Digital invitations are eco-friendly and easy to distribute, while physical ones can add a personal touch.

Are children allowed at a couples Halloween party?

It depends on your preference and the atmosphere you want to create. Some couples Halloween parties are adults-only, while others may include children if it’s a family-friendly event.

Can we invite single friends to our couples Halloween party?

Absolutely! It’s common to include single friends in couples Halloween parties. The focus is on having a good time and enjoying the festive atmosphere together.

Should I provide food and drinks, or should it be a potluck-style party?

It depends on your budget and preference. You can provide all the food and drinks yourself, make it a potluck where guests bring dishes to share, or even do a combination of both.

Party Games

These games are great because they can be done both inside or outside, depending on the weather.

  • Donuts Eating Contest: This rivals the classic bobbing for apples. Attach hanging donuts, and contestants must finish the donuts without the use of their hands.
  • Eyeballs On A Spoon: Take a ping-pong ball and turn it into an “eyeball” for spooky effect. Split the group into teams, and contestants must carry the ping-pong ball, on a plastic spoon around an obstacle course. The trick is participants must use their mouth to transport the spoon. Whichever team finishes first wins.
  • Ghost Passing: Make a paper ghost and split the group into teams. Participants must use a straw in their mouth to transport the ghost through all the teammates.
  • Piñata: Piñatas are classic and can be used for any party.
  • Three-Legged Race: This is great for a couple’s party and it tests the teamwork of the couple. All you need is something to tie one of each couple’s legs together. Then line teams up and have them race to a certain point.
  • Bobbing For Apples: An age-old classic. Perfect for plenty of laughs and a fun time.
  • Costume Contest: Have guests anonymously vote on which couple had the best costume.
  • Candy Jar: Have a jar of candy and each guest can guess how many candies are in the jar. Closest number takes the whole jar!

A couples Halloween party is a fantastic way to celebrate the spooky season and create lasting memories with your partner and friends.

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